you are required to write a reflective report in which you address the following question: How do (or might) my behaviours impact on my approach to management?

Self-Reflection Report - Worth 40%

 Due date: 28 October 2023 – 23.30 PM

Length: 3000 words (Word count excludes executive summary and appendices)

Topic: How do my behaviors impact on my approach to management?

The idea of this assignment is to merge the topic and content knowledge you have gained throughout the unit with self-awareness activities that you carried out/experienced throughout the semester (in class experiences and/or in your workplace).  In this assignment, you are required to write reflective report in which you address the following question:

“How do (or might) my behaviours impact on my approach to management?”

In addressing this question you should demonstrate:

  • that you have explored, assessed and reflected upon your constructed behaviours;
  • that you understand management roles in relation to working with and supervising others;
  • that you became conscious of why your group members behaved* in certain ways in different contexts*; and
  • that you have considered how your behaviours impact your individual approach to management

You should choose to focus the assignment around two of the following topics:

  • Working with different/difficult personalities
  • Emotions and authenticity
  • Difficult conversations and effective feedback

In doing so, for example, you can frame the assignment questions in the following ways:

How do (or might) my behaviours impact on my approach to working with different personalities? (OR) 

How do (or might) my behaviours impact on my approach to having difficult conversations and providing effective feedback?” (OR) 

How do (or might) my behaviours impact on my display of emotions and authenticity, or my acceptance of others’ display of emotions and authenticity? (OR)

Any other question that may be appropriate to write your reflective report.

As part of your reflective report, it is expected that you should include the following information:

  • Further reflection and interpretation of your self-evaluation of self-awareness carried out during the semester;
  • Discuss how your journey in this unit has helped you to learn the related unit learning outcomes 1, 2, 3 and 5 from week to week.  For example, your achievements in Learning (Results achieved from the application of some concepts you learned in your workplace, personal experience, or in your reasoning);
  • A record of observations/insights/conversations/findings or anything else of relevance as you undertake the unit – these are known as artefacts and include photographs, cartoons, visual images, YouTube clips, or other material to support your findings. For example, you can insert visual images such as photographs/pictures into your report to demonstrate or illustrate particular points or experiences. You might also find that reference to a particular video clip provides a good way of articulating your point (such as you would in Assignment Two);
  • Reference to unit content is a must to reflect your key learnings*. In addition, how you approached the team learning processes and your contribution and support for the weekly discussion* based on given readings;
  • Engage in preparing and developing this reflective journal on a regular basis throughout the semester; and
  • Use of references (a minimum of 15 refereed journal articles)is necessary for this report using APA referencing style.

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