Write each mixed number in decimal form. (32) (9) (16)

Write each mixed number in decimal form. 32 9/16

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let's convert 32 9/16 into decimal form. To start out, we need to change it from a mixed number two a pure fraction. So we multiply the leading number 32 by the denominator 16 which will give us 512. And then we add in nine. That is the numerator, which will give us 521. So this is equal to 521 over 16. With that out of the way, we can now divide to figure out the decimal equivalent. That is, we invoke long division. We'll have 521 with plenty of decimal places afterwards. Divided by 16. Let's get started. 16 does not go into five, but it does go into 52 a total of three times where three times 16 is equal to 48. So we make the subtraction 50 to minus 48 get four carrying down a one to give us 41. We know that 16 goes into 41 just twice where 16 times two equals 32. We can make this subtraction 41 minus 32 and it will give us nine. We carried on zero to get 90. Bring that decimal point up to the top. It's a very important step of doing this long division. So, anyways, how many times just 16 go into 90? Well, that's going to be five times where 16 times five is equal to 80. So now we can subtract 80 and get 10 which we carried on another zero and turned that into 100. So now 16 goes into 100 a total of six times where 16 times six is equal to 96. We can now subtract 100 minus 96 to get four, which bringing down zero becomes a 40. Now we know that 16 goes into 40 a total of twice, so we can put a to appear at the top and 16 times two is 32 and subtraction 40 minus 32 is going to give us eight. Bringing down yet another zero gives us 80 and we know that 16 goes into 80 exactly five times. That is five times 16 gives us 80 and subtracting gives us zero. Since we've got this zero, we know that there is no remainder and we're done dividing. Therefore, we've gotten our final answer. So 32 9/16 decimal form is equal to 32.56 to 5.


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