Week 1 Introduction to Evidence-Informed Policy and Practice

Introduction to Evidence-Informed Policy and Practice

  • Introduction and overview of the course
  • Check ourselves and the assumptions we make about 'evidence' and policy informed by evidence - is evidence-informed policy as "comment sense" as it sounds? How is it distinguished from evidence-based policy?
  • Identify many of the key concepts and ideas that will be attended to in the course - the beginnings of a shared language and literacy for our discussions throughout the semester
  • Cover the delivery of the course including the approach to online workshops as well as course assessments.
  • Any and all your questions beyond the above



Review all canvas content, in particular the assignment information - bring any questions you have to the workshop - we'll set up a starting point for the first submission with some discussion on the approaches you might take.


In conjunction with the set weekly reading consider for yourself

  • what assumptions do you hold about evidence in relation to policy?,
  • what might explain your assumptions?
  • what distinctions do you see between evidence, truth & knowledge in their relationship to policy?

We'll address these questions in the workshop discussions. Almost certainly these discussions will raise a wide range of responses. Our findings will be very useful for setting a baseline that we can return to and (re)assess in week 12 informed by all that we cover through to that point.


  • Reading and note-taking from the Week 1 Reading List

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