WEEK 1.4 Discussion Forum: The Role of Nature versus Nurture in Wealth

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In this activity, you will be further exploring the core debate of nature vs nurture within the context of personal wealth.

This dichotomy is at the centre of the study of human development, and will also be essential to understand in order to begin your first assignment, which asks you to critically evaluate the statement: "Humans are a product of genetic processes."

This activity will help you achieve Unit Learning Outcomes:

  • L01: Demonstrate an understanding of biological, sociological and psychological factors and the influence they have on the human development across the lifespan.
  • L05: Explain the interplay of human development across the lifespan.

Please allow 60 minutes to complete this activity


  1. Read pages 1683-1686 and 1707-1710 from the attached PDF (click here),"Poor Little Rich Kids? The Role of Nature versus Nurture in Wealth and Other Economic Outcomes and Behaviours".
  2. Drawing upon the findings of the study, identify and elaborate upon how one individual biological trait (nature) and one environmental/structural factor (nurture) can affect personal wealth in 300-350 words.
  3. Post your findings into the forum below by pressing 'Add New Discussion Topic' by the end of week 1.
  4. Respond to another student's post with your own considered and constructive thoughts in order to complete this task.

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