UNCC100 Self and Community: Exploring the Anatomy of Modern Society

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Part A: Produce a creative work (Compulsory requirement of this task, but no numerical marks are awarded).

Produce an original piece of creative work that reflects your response to UNCC100 and why it matters (or not) to a social crisis that is relevant to your course of study at ACU.

This can be in any medium or genre, e.g., poem, short story, letter, diary entry, collage, dramatic skit, painting, sculpture, musical composition, dancing composition, etc. It should take your tutor no longer than approximately 2 or 3 minutes to view, listen to, read, etc. As a general guideline: this equates to no more than one A4 page or equivalent.

Please use the ‘AT3 suggested template’ when submitting this assessment task (available on Canvas).

If you choose to submit a written-based creative work (e.g., poem, short story, letter, etc.), simply include the text in the template.

If you choose to submit a painting, sculpture, etc., take a few photos (from a variety of angles with adequate lighting, etc.) and paste the photos into the template.

If you choose to submit a musical or dancing composition, etc. follow steps from Assessment Task 2, where you will upload your recording to Echo360, extract an Echo360 ‘public link’ and copy the Echo360 ‘public link’ into the template.

Part B: Artist statement (5 marks in total).

Write an artist statement (250 words in total) that describes: (a) the inspiration underpinning the creative work you have produced (c. 125 words); and (b) a rationale of the elements in the creative work and how they meet aspects of this task (c.125 words).

Part C: Written reflection on social crisis (45 marks in total).

Based on your creative work and artist statement, write an argumentative essay (1,500 words in total) to reflect on your chosen social crisis and its relevance to your course of study at ACU. The essay must explain the relationship between the Catholic social thought principles, your choice of social crisis and how it is relevant to your course of studyAnalyse and evaluate the key topics and your insights from UNCC100 throughout.

The essay must explain (a) the relationship between the Catholic social thought principles, (b) your choice of social crisis, and (c) how the crisis is relevant to your course of study.

This assessment task will be considered incomplete/not submitted unless all three parts are submitted in one document file through Turnitin.

It is a requirement that you:

  1. identify your chosen social crisisand course of study.
  2. demonstrate engagement with key insights across the entire unit (UNCC100), including particularly, Modules 3, 4, and 5. In other words, convince your reader that you’re across everything in UNCC100’s learning schedule.
  3. cite at leastthe following six resources:
    1. oneCanvas resource (e.g., Canvas book, a linked article, reading, a YouTube video clip, etc.) that is included in the Canvas folder/tile for Module 3: Flourishing and the good lifeModule 4: Empathy and compassion; and Module 5: Advocacy and action (i.e., three Canvas resources in total).
    2. oneresource that is relevant to your course of study (e.g., peer reviewed article, book, website, code of ethics, professional accreditation document).
    3. onearticle from the Journal of Catholic Social Thought.
  1. onechapter from Gerard V. Bradley and E. Christian Brugger (eds). Catholic Social Teaching: A Volume of Scholarly Essays. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019.

Edited by Gerard V. BradleyUniversity of Notre Dame, IndianaE. Christian BruggerSt Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary, Florida

Publisher:Cambridge University Press

Online publication date:July 2019

Print publication year:2019

Online ISBN:9781108630238


Further instructions:

  1. Generative-artificial intelligence applications (e.g., ChatGPT), paraphrasing and translation tools are notpermitted to be used to prepare this assessment task.
  2. Please adhere to the ‘Assessment writing and research instructions’ when preparing to submit this assessment task.
  3. Please refer to ‘Key glossary for this unit’ above for definitions of describeexplain,analyseevaluatesocial crisis and course of study.

Weighting: 50%

Length and/or format: 1,750 words – made up of 250 words for Part B and 1,500 words for Part C. (NB: Part A is not included in the overall word limit for this task; however, as a general guideline, Part A should be no more than one A4 page or equivalent.)

Purpose: This assesses students’ ability to apply what they have learned about Catholic social thought (CST) principles. Through the generation of a creative work and a written paper, students reflect on the ideas underlying the work and the ways in which it reflects the themes of the unit.

Learning outcomes assessed: LO1, LO2

How to submit: This assessment task must be submitted electronically via Turnitin on Canvas

Return of assignment: This assessment task will be graded electronically, and your numerical mark (Grades/Gradebook) and feedback (Turnitin) will be provided on Canvas. An announcement will be posted on Canvas when your numerical mark and feedback is available.

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