UMH207 Understanding Mental Health

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Assessment Task

Students must write an 1800-word report to address the challenges and issues in the provided case scenario. They are asked to support their arguments and reasoning with an extensive range of high- quality and relevant literature, including peer-reviewed journals, books and government and international health agencies.

In this report, the students will describe critical points about legal and ethical factors and the Mental Health Act. They will also discuss their role as a mental health nurse in this case scenario and consider how they would respond to the client in a practical situation. They are expected to evaluate the

importance of a therapeutic relationship in caring for this consumer. Finally, they will write a management plan for the consumer by identifying their immediate needs. The management plan should focus on recovery-oriented practice and involves different therapeutic modalities.


Analysing and evaluating a complex mental health case is crucial for future mental health nurses. You will demonstrate knowledge and understanding around a scenario commonly encountered on a mental health ward, developing skills and techniques for responding in real-life settings. With the experience you gain in class and from the content in your readings, consider the practical responses relevant to this challenging scenario.


  • Read the case study provided via Assessment 3 area of the
  • Address the following questions in your
    • Discuss contemporary mental health issues, including legal, cultural, and ethical, in relation to the case study.
      1. How and why the Mental Health Act applies in the case scenario?
      2. What are the legal, ethical, and cultural issues outlined in the case study?
      3. How will you advocate for the consumer?
    • Evaluate and compare the concepts of mental health and mental Based on the consumer’s presentation (diagnosis and manifestations), which category applies in the scenario?
    • Analytically discuss the importance of therapeutic relationships in supporting the consumer’s recovery. Then, provide three (3) strategies to establish a therapeutic relationship based on the client’s presentation.
    • Create a person-centred and recovery-focused care plan by:
      1. Identify critical
      2. Provide interventions (2 independent and 2 collaborative) for each identified

Interventions exclude building a rapport and therapeutic relationship.

  1. Provide a rationale for each

Writing Guidelines

  • Be formal and objective in your
  • Be analytical and demonstrate critical
  • Keep to the set word A penalty will apply if you exceed the word limit (+/- 10%).
  • Answer all questions in your
  • Use information from academic texts and credible sources
  • Format in-text references and the reference list according to APA 7th edition referencing
  • Proofread your work to check that each paragraph links to the previous or the thesis and is easy to read.
  • Check your spelling, grammar, and
  • Use a size 12 font (Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial), 5 line space, and 2.5 cm margins.
  • Include a footer with your name, student number and page
  • Include a cover page with your name, student number, subject name, the title of the assessment, learning facilitator’s name and the final word count (not including referencing).

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