UEL-CN-7000 Assessment 1: Research Proposal

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Assignment 1 is worth 0% of the final module grade


Assessment 1 is your research proposal in which you will be demonstrating your ability to effectively outline a research problem, objectives, methodology and other research activities as a report. The goal is to present and justify a proposed practical research which fits in the domain of computer science or subject areas that have been covered throughout the degree programme. Assessment 1 is a formative and will not be graded but you must be able to:

  • Clearly present and justify your research
  • Describe a formalised plan for how you will be conducting your research that is feasible and manageable within the given timeframe


A proposed structure for your research proposal would (at minimum) include the following elements:

1.      Title page

  1. A brief title of your research (the topic)

2.      Abstract

  1. An overview of the proposed research which should include (half a page):
  2. Rationale
  3. Statement of research aims and objectives
  • Chosen research approaches and methodologies
  1. Justification or explanation of significance of research

3.      Preliminary pages

  1. Table of contents
  2. List of tables and figures

4.      Introduction

  1. Describe the research area or domain and its significance
  2. Explain how the subject area or domain relates to the identified research aims and objectives
  3. Describe the background of the research problem
  • Write an explicit statement of the research problem
  1. Describe the purpose of the research
  2. Present the theoretical framework for the research
  3. Discuss the significance or the importance of the research
  • Outline the feasibility, scope and limitations of the research

5.      Preliminary Literature Review

  1. Summarize existing research in the subject area or domain
  2. Identify strengths, weakness, challenges and opportunities of existing knowledge in the subject area or domain
  3. Justify your proposed research in context of what knowledge exists
  4. Justify the necessity of your proposed research and the gap that will be filled

6.      Experimental design and methods

  1. An in-depth discussion on the design and procedures that will be adopted to achieve the identified aims and objectives
    1. Presentation of a clear sequence of events needed to complete the research
    2. Description of how data will be analysed and interpreted
  • Description and justification of selected tools and methodologies
  1. Brief discussion of potential challenges and how they may be dealt with (i.e. limitations, alternative solutions)

7.      Proposed timetable

  1. A clear outline of a timetable in terms of time and deliverables

8.      References

  1. A list of all citations used in the text using the APA 7th Edition referencing style

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