Tour7031 Visitor Management - Critique of Visitor Site

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5.5 Assessment Detail
Critique of visitor site
Type: Report
Learning Objectives Assessed: 2, 4, 5
Due Date: 28 Mar 24 14:00
Weight: 50%
Individual; Approx. 3,500 words;
Task Description:
Select a suitable visitor attraction and conduct a critique of the site in terms of visitor learning experiences and visitor management. You will be doing this from the perspective of ONE particular target market of your choice (eg. primary school children on excursions; families with teenage children; Australian retirees with an interest in history etc).

You are required to:

Select a visitor site that offers some level or type of visitor learning (NOT the Queensland Museum). You will need to visit the site to do your analysis.
Using the checklist provided, write a critique of the various visitor facilities and services offered at your chosen site.
Please include photographs to illustrate your points.
NB: Some of the items in the checklist may not apply to your site as this was developed specifically for the Queensland Museum. The checklist is a guide only.

PART 1: BACKGROUND (approx. 700 words)

Describe the site – what is it (museum, national park etc), where is it, how long has it been there etc.
Provide a map or diagram of the site
Identify ONE target market that you will be using as the basis of your report and briefly discuss their likely motives and interests.

PART 2: CRITIQUE (1,500 words)

Drawing from relevant lecture content and using the checklist provided, note how well the site is likely to meet the needs and interests of the ONE target market you have identified. In particular, you should discuss:
Entrance/welcoming area
Visitor facilities
Visitor comfort
Orientation (both internal and external directional signs)
Visitor engagement
Interpretive signs
Exhibit design issues
Highlight the areas and aspects that are done well and those that could be improved. Justify this with data you have collected onsite (this will be discussed further in class).

PART 3: RECOMMENDATIONS (approx. 800 words)

Provide suggestions/recommendations for improvements to the identified weaknesses. You can also provide suggestions for how the site can further improve their strengths.
Recommendations should clearly link to the needs and preferences of the ONE target market you have selected. Clearly state what is recommended and how to achieve this. For example, it is insufficient to say there are no multi-lingual signs so the recommendation is to install multi-lingual signs. Rather, you should be stating WHY multilingual would be beneficial, WHERE they should be placed and WHAT specific languages should be considered.

This assessment task requires you to visit a visitor site in-person. The use of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools is not permitted and is unlikely to produce the level of analysis and evidence required. Any attempted use of Generative AI may constitute student misconduct under the Student Code of Conduct.

Criteria & Marking:
UQ Students: Please access the profile from Learn.UQ or mySI-net to access marking criteria held in this profile.

The assignment must be submitted electronically via Turnitin located in the Blackboard Assessment link.

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