TOUR7020 Tourism, Hospitality and Event Industries

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  • All eight (8) questions must be answered.
  • Word count and weighting for each response are indicated next to each question.
  • This should be your own work. Markers will only mark answers that are in your own words.
  • References are not required unless you want to include direct quotes, which should be correctly referenced in-text and in a reference list.

Question 1 (5 marks: 200-250 words)

Review the feedback from your report (Assessment Task 2). Identify a total of five (5) strengths and areas for improvement. That is, you need to include a combination of strengths and areas for improvement. For each strength, explain how you developed this strength.  For each area for improvement, explain what you would do differently in the future.

Question 2 (5 marks; 200-250 words)

In the Week 10 seminar, you described a memorable experience you have had that is related to tourism OR hospitality OR events (THE). Briefly describe your experience. Hand draw the Experience Economy model and show where your experience would best be located on the model. Take a photo of your Experience Economy model and insert it below. Justify why you have placed your experience in this position on your Experience Economy model. Use examples from your memorable experience to support your answer.

Information for Questions 3 – 8

In the seminars from weeks 10-13 you have been designing a tourism system (hereafter referred to as ‘your system’). The following six (6) questions apply to your system.


If you did not design your system in class you will need to do so before answering questions 1-6. Instructions to design your system are:

  • Draw an outline of Leiper’s Tourism System (LTS);
  • Identify one tourism OR hospitality OR event (THE) business that you are familiar with. Write the name of the business in the destination region of your system;
  • Assume the role of manager of your chosen THE business;
  • Identify one target market that uses your THE business. These will be the tourists for your system;
  • Identify the generating region of your tourist. Include that in your system;
  • Include the transit region for your system;
  • Identify the expectations your tourist (target market) would have of the destination;
  • What stage of TALC is your destination?;
  • Given the stage of TALC for your destination, which stage of Doxey’s Irridex best applies?;
  • Use PESTLE to identify external influences that are relevant for your system.

Question 3 (5 marks)

Take a photo of your hand drawn system and insert it here:

Question 4 (5 marks; 200-250 words)

As a responsible manager you want to encourage sustainability. Identify and explain:

  • two (2) ways you could encourage sustainability in the destination region of your system;
  • two (2) ways you could encourage sustainability in the transit region of your system;
  • one (1) way you could encourage sustainability in the generating region of your system.

Each of your suggestions must relate to at least one aspect of the triple bottom line (TBL). Across all five (5) five suggestions, all aspects of the TBL must be considered. Use examples to support your suggestions.

Question 5 (5 marks; 200-250 words)

We discussed nine (9) pull factors in this course. Identify the five (5) pull factors that are most relevant for your system. For each pull factor you identify, use your own words to explain what it means, then justify why it is relevant for your system.

Question 6 (5 marks: 200-250 words)

In your own words explain what an ‘enclave’ is in relation to tourism. Then identify two (2) enclaves that your tourists (target market) could use at your destination. Use Plog’s Psychographic Typology to justify why each of these enclaves would be relevant for your tourists.

Question 7 (5 marks; 200-250 words)

Identify the stage of TALC (Tourism Area Life Cycle) that best describes your destination region. Justify why you have chosen this stage of TALC, using examples to support your justification. Then identify the next stage of TALC and explain why it would, or would not, be beneficial for your business if your destination moved to this stage.

Question 8 (5 marks: 200-250 words)

Describe a scenario where an external influence could disrupt your system. Explain the impact this disruption could have on your system. Then explain how systems thinking could help you to minimise the impact of this disruption. Use examples to support your answer.

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