TOUR7000 Industry Research and Consultancy - Assessment 1: Research Project

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TOUR7000 Assessment 1: Industry Research Project

Team Project Performance (35%) + Professional Collaboration (10%)

Throughout the semester you will be working in teams of 4-5 students to deliver an industry research project. Your team is required to provide high-quality materials, procedures and practices that represent the professional execution of the project. Working collaboratively, your team is responsible for delivering the project according to the specific requirements outlined by the industry client.

This task is spread across the semester with key milestones and assessment submissions required as detailed below.

Week 1, you will receive the project tender brief, which will outline the project’s objectives and


Week 2 and week 3: client meetings will be scheduled to discuss and clarify any project-related matters. It is crucial to establish and maintain a professional client relationship throughout the project duration.

Week 6: Proposal (7%)

By March 28, 2pm, each team will submit a maximum 2-page project proposal (excluding references).

Your team’s proposal must include the following details:

1.  Brief background to the research problem and literature review.

  • provide an overview of the research problem required by the
  • conduct a brief literature review on key concepts related to the
  1. Research aim and several relevant research objectives for your
  1. A clear research design that could address your research objectives, including a plan for data collection, sampling strategies that are used for data collection, and brief timeline.
  1. Reference list

Note: There is no minimum reference number requirement but should have enough references to demonstrate your knowledge of the topic, and justify your research design of the report.

Week 13: Report (21%)

All teams submit a 4000-word written report (by Friday, May 24, 2pm), which includes all the details of the project, including project aim and objectives, literature review, methods (data collection and data analysis), results, discussion with the recommendation for clients, limitation, and conclusion.

It is critical that a concerted effort is made to demonstrate a clear link between the research design, implementation, and data analysis. When preparing your report, ensure it follows a structured format and adheres to the provided sub-headings.

Week 13: Poster presentation (7%).

Each team is required to present a poster related to their project during the seminar in Week 13. Note: all team members need to be in attendance and participate in this seminar.

References should be in APA style (click the hyperlink)

Be very careful to avoid plagiarism. Information on Academic integrity and student conduct is available on the Library web site (click the hyperlink)

This task has been designed to be challenging, authentic and complex. Whilst students may use AI technologies, successful completion of assessment in this course will require students to critically engage in specific contexts and tasks for which artificial intelligence will provide only limited support and guidance.

A failure to reference generative AI use may constitute student misconduct under the Student Code of Conduct. To pass this assessment, students will be required to demonstrate detailed comprehension of their written submission independent of AI tools.

Criteria & Marking

A Marking Guide with criteria and weighting is provided on Blackboard under the Assessment tab.


You will be submitting your proposal and report through Turnitin. Further details of the Task, and material to support your work, will be available on our course Blackboard site.

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