THS3DMM Destination Marketing and Management

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Description of Task

There are 4 (four) parts to this assignment detailed below and students are expected to submit all four parts.

Students are required to select one (1) of the named countries below and examine how the Destination Management Organisation (DMO) of that country can encourage Australian residents to visit their country as tourists.

Part 1 – Setting the context (300 words)

  • Select one of the following countries: New Zealand; Indonesia; USA; Britain; Thailand; India or Review their most recent campaign from 2022-2023 (see links below)
  • Summarise and explain what attractive and/or interesting aspects of your selected country have been utilised by the DMO to encourage Australian tourists to visit the destination and what promotional techniques have been
  • Make reference to at least one (1) reference to the theory of destination marketing as discussed in the subject to support your answer.

Choose one (1) of the following country’s marketing campaigns to discuss:

Part 2 – Write a Script for a new promotional video (300 words)

Write a script that outlines the dialogue, action and scenes of a proposed new, promotional video to encourage Australians to visit your chosen country.

The new promotional video (which if produced would run for approximately 1 minute) should build on your selected country’s most recent real campaign but the script should highlight new aspects and/or attractions which you believe will further appeal to Australian citizens.

In the script you are required to use the following terms:

  • Opening shot and/or scene description
  • Character descriptions
  • Voiceover
  • Timing and pacing
  • Cut to footage of…
  • Closing shot and/or closing voiceover

Remember that the new promotional video is designed to encourage Australian residents to visit your chosen country. As this is a script there is no need to include any references to other authors in Part 2 but the sources you used to develop the script should be mentioned in the Annotated Bibliography.

Part 3- Explanatory Statement of Script (500 words)

The explanatory statement allows you to explain the content of your script based on your understanding of the theory of destination marketing, using references to support your discussion.

Your explanatory statement should mention one (1) or more of the following:

  • a destination’s unique selling propositions (USPs)
  • a destination’s brand identity
  • a destination’s slogan or tagline

Part 4 – Annotated Bibliography (300 words)

Create an annotated bibliography of at least 4-8 of the references used to answer Parts 1, 2 & 3. Please use APA7 referencing.

Your Report should:

  • Be logically
  • Have an attractive and professional
  • Use headings, sections, bullet points, diagrams, and tables to make reading easy and information
  • Contain only directly relevant
  • Use correct grammar, punctuation, and
  • Avoid using informal language; and,
  • There is a +/- 10% variation permitted on the word count

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