The site in question is a residential property located at 124 Hindmarsh circuit, Mawson lakes, 5095.


The site in question is a residential property located at 124 Hindmarsh circuit, Mawson lakes, 5095. The primary objective is to assess the site's suitability for the verandah and identify opportunities and challenges that may influence the design and construction process.

Site Description:

The site is a rectangular plot measuring 30’X40’. It features a well-maintained front yard with lush landscaping and mature trees. The existing house is a two-story colonial-style home with a brick facade and a pitched roof. The front elevation of the house faces south, capturing ample sunlight throughout the day.


  • Aesthetic Enhancement: The verandah can significantly enhance the curb appeal of the property, providing a welcoming and charming facade.
  • Outdoor Living Space: The verandah can serve as an extension of the living space, offering a comfortable area for relaxation and socializing.
  • Natural Lighting: The south-facing orientation allows for excellent natural lighting, making the verandah a pleasant spot throughout the year.


  • Zoning Regulations: Local zoning codes may dictate setback requirements and size limitations, which must be adhered to during the design phase.
  • Structural Considerations: The existing house structure and foundation need to be assessed to ensure compatibility with the new verandah.
  • Utility Lines: Underground utility lines such as water, gas, and electricity must be considered to avoid disruptions during construction.

Scope and Limitations:

The verandah will be attached to the front facade of the house, spanning the entire width. It will feature a gabled roof, supported by wooden posts. The scope includes incorporating design elements that complement the existing architecture while meeting local building codes.


The verandah's layout will align with the house's front elevation, providing seamless integration. It will extend approximately 10 feet from the house, offering sufficient space for seating and outdoor activities.


The proposed verandah exciting opportunities for aesthetic enhancement and outdoor living. However, challenges related to zoning regulations, structural considerations, and utility lines must be addressed. A careful and well-planned design will ensure a harmonious addition that enhances the property's value and functionality while accounting for these challenges.

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