Case Study: The increasing adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) has brought to light an emerging challenge the management of end-of-life batteries.

Case description

The increasing adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) has brought to light an emerging challenge - the management of end-of-life batteries. Traditional methods of disposal are not only environmentally detrimental but also lead to the loss of valuable materials contained in these batteries.

Worley is excited to announce the initiation of a groundbreaking Circular Economy Project dedicated to the recycling of electric car batteries. Recognising the increasing demand for sustainable solutions in the automotive sector, they are committed to leading the charge towards a more environmentally conscious future by launching this project.

The endeavour, while exciting, poses unique challenges due to the complexities of recycling electric car batteries and the understanding of the circular economy model required. It necessitates not only a deep comprehension of the recycling process but also a comprehensive grasp of the energy sector and innovative project management approaches.

To navigate these complexities and ensure the project's success, They are seeking to onboard a seasoned Project Manager with demonstrable experience managing similar high-stake projects. The Project Manager will be responsible for leading a team of experts specialising in the circular economy and energy sector. The team will be tasked with executing the project from the initiation stage to closure, ensuring compliance with project objectives, scope and schedule.

The principles of a circular economy revolve around reducing waste, continually using resources, and creating more sustainable systems. The core goal of this project is to establish a system that not only recycles used car batteries but also reintroduces the recovered materials back into the production cycle, hence reducing the need for new raw materials.

Project Milestones

Milestones Description Time
Project Initiation Perform a Gap Analysis, Define the project goals, identify stakeholders, and prepare a project scope statement 6 months
Establish a recycling site Feasibility study to select a site, constructions needed, equipment needed 5 months
Creating a Collection Network Identify the main suppliers,Negotiations and contracts 4 months
Public awareness and engagement Design and roll out of awareness campaigns 3 months
Implement a Circular Economy Approach Identify potential buyers of recovered batteries, Negotiate contracts with buyers, Delivery methods, after-sale services 4 months
Project Closure Review and Documentation, Lessons learned for future projects, Final Reports 2 months

The project management plan must contain the following items:

  1. The project objectives, scope statementpriority matrix, WBS and WBS dictionary.
  2. A schedule. Prepare a detailed project activity list that is consistent with the scope, major deliverables, WBS and WBS Dictionary Using MS Project 2019. Develop the project network diagram and Gantt chart covering all the activities that have been already identified. The Gantt chart must clearly show:
  • Project timeline,
  • Milestones to complete the project,
  • Activities' predecessors and successors,
  • Resource allocation.

Key features and assumptions made in developing the schedule must be explained. For example, your assumptions on major milestone completion dates, client’s approval dates, slacks (floats), critical activities and critical path duration along with any other assumptions you made to complete the Gantt chart should be discussed.

  1. A staffing and resource plan. Resources could be direct labour, materials costs, product costs, consulting fees and others. You need to identify and assign the required resources to all project activities and show the workload of each resource. Identify any additional expertise that may need to be brought in for the project. You are required to use project scheduling techniques, such as resource optimisation and levelling to come up with an effective and efficient resource plan.
  2. A time-phased budget plan. You are required to estimate project resource rates and associated costs and also use MS Project 2019 software to calculate the project budget. You are required to include the budget table and cash flow graph in the project plan. You should also discuss your budget-related assumptions.
  3. Develop Contract Templates for Suppliers and Buyers. You are required to propose appropriate types of contracts for the project and come up with a payment plan. You should justify the choice of contract.
  4. Analysis of project stakeholders and develop a communication plan. You are required to identify stakeholders, analyse and map them using an appropriate tool, and design an engagement plan. A communication plan should also be developed and discussed. Discuss your stakeholder management approach.
  5. A high-level risk assessment and develop appropriate response plans. Following the risk management processes, you need to prepare a list of high-level (macro) risks using MS Project 2019. Discuss your risk management approach and prepare an appropriate risk assessment form and risk response matrix. You must identify at least 10 risk factors, rank them and develop risk response plans for top risks. You are required to explain the identified risks and response plans.


  1. A Project Plan Report (3000 words)
    2. MS Project 2019 file (.mpp) (500 words)

Tips on preparing your report:

  • You should use academic publications (where you bring someone else's arguments, concepts and ideas) using online peer-reviewed articles, valid web pages, peer-reviewed books and book chapters, etc. You need to properly cite them in the body of your assessment and provide a references list using the APA Referencing style.
  • Make sure you read the Assessment 3 marking criteria carefully before you start. Submit your report as a Word document and MS Office (.mpp) with 3500 words excluding references and appendices if any.

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