Teac7057 Introduction to Pedagogical Leadership - Assignment 1

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Assignment 1 Overview

This assignment requires you to analyse theoretical perspectives introduced in Modules ONE related to early childhood education, consider the purpose and underpinning ideology relevant to current Australian Early childhood legislation and to consider the implications for professional and ethical practice. (Modules TWO – FOUR)

This assignment consists of 3 components – Parts A, B and C

  • Parts A and B should be started from Week 1.
  • Part A: Participate in an online discussion forum for Modules 1, 2 and 3
  • Part B: Individual reading analysis sheets for Weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Part C: Collate your overall findings and complete the Final Analysis template.

Please see the LG and associated Rubric for this Assignment so you are aware of the marking criteria that will be applied to your submission.  Be sure to read this carefully.

Part A: Online discussion posts (3 x 200 words)

In order to meet the requirements of Part A, you must complete ONE discussion post for Weeks 1, 2 and 3. You WILL NOT complete a post for Module 4.

  • The weekly discussion forum is located in the Discussion Post Tab. Open the relevant weekly Module (ie Module 1 Week 1) to find 3 module relevant questions. Choose ONE question and respond. Alternatively you can respond to a thread already submitted by a peer (see the rubric for more detail) and build on this discussion.
  • Your discussion should answer the question you have selected (or build on another students response to said question) and draw from your analysis of set weekly and/or wider readings. In- text discussion citations are not be included in your word limit. It is suggested that you keep a word version of your post at the time of posting as this also needs to be submitted for marking.
  • Where in text citations have been made, you must include a reference list at the end of your post that is inclusive of all in-discussion text citations made. Be sure to accurately reflect APA ed 7 citation conventions.
  • At the end of Weeks 1, 2 and 3 you will need to take a screen shot of your post showing the date of the post and paste into the assignment template along with your word version.  Ie You should have a screen shot and word version of posts for weeks 1, 2 and 3. The word version will be marked but your marker will check that the original post was made in the discussion board.

Part B: Reading Analysis Sheets (4 x 200 words)

In order to meet the requirements of Part B , you must complete ONE reading analysis sheet for Weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4 ie FOUR in total. Each weekly summary sheet is a summation of ALL readings/videos set for that given week. (Individual reading summary sheets are located in each weeks Learning Module folder and/or you can add directly to the Assignment 1 Template located in the Assessment 1 folder). The template has 4 sections to be completed:

  • Bibliography Details: include all bibliographic details for each week's readings/videos in the proforma - these are not included in the word limit but do need to be referenced as per APA Ed 7 referencing guidelines. (Not included in the word limit).
  • Key ideas: This is where you will synthesise all of the set weekly reading/videos content and identify key issues common to them. NB: These ideas/issues can be recorded as dot points to accommodate the tight word limit for these summary sheets. (80 – 100 words)
  • Personal reflections: Your discussion point/s need to show how your thinking has changed, been challenged or affirmed whilst showing reference to key ideas. (50 – 60 words)
  • Implications for pedagogical practice: Your discussion point/s here should include an example of what you will do as a result of your new or affirmed thinking? (50 – 60 words)

Check to ensure that you have pasted all 4 reading analysis sheets into the assignment template.

Part C: Critical Reflection (600 words)

Part C requires you to draw from Module 1-4 content. You will have already identified key points of reference in your weekly reading analysis sheets and discussion posts. This part of the assignment is asking for a final synthesis of key ideas that will show your developing knowledge of theory, legislation, approach and pedagogy. We are looking for specific reference to named theories and approaches, areas of similarity and difference, alignment to legislation and implications for pedagogical practice. Please ensure you have

  • completed all 3 reflection questions as per the assignment template
  • shown your understanding of pedagogical leadership and how it has changed as a reflection of engaging with unit material and related wider reading. NB: You are encouraged to read more widely than set weekly readings.
  • demonstrated your understanding of a range of theoretical perspectives, range of curriculum approaches, pedagogies and contemporary research – and where they align and where they are different. Ie comparing and contrasting to show fluency with concepts
  • demonstrated your understanding of legislative frameworks and how they shape the early childhood field in Australia?
  • Included a reference list capturing all citations made in Part C. NB: Do not include references used in Part A unless also used in Part C

Tips: Referencing, word length and overall presentation

Please allow time prior to your submission to:

  • check your referencing is consistent with APA Ed 7 guidelines
  • submit your draft assignment through turnitin and looked over your originality report for any inconsistencies or errors that need to be fixed. NB: your collective use of the assignment template and shared common readings will reflect in a higher that usual turnitin match - please do check your work. Template matches will be identified and disregarded by staff when marking – but you need to check all other matches.
  • check your word length for each section - please do not exceed word length by more than 10%. NB: template questions and information, and references in all 3 sections are not included in the word count.
  • proofread your work for spelling errors, punctuation, correct use of capitals, typographic errors, and provide clear and concise sentences, and finally
  • Start now – discussion posts open Module 1 Week 1 and reading summary sheets need to be completed weekly. Being diligent and attending to weekly components (reading summary sheet and discussion post) will mean that you have already completed most of your assignment by the time the Module 4 is delivered.

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