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Assessment Details

Assessment Title: Web Development Assessment Type: Individual Assignment Total Marks: 100

Mark Weight: 20%


To demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of web development and website design.

Due Date (Check Moodle)

Delays caused by computer downtime cannot be accepted as a valid reason for a late submission without penalty.

Students must plan their work to allow for both scheduled and unscheduled downtime.

The Moodle will be configured to allow you to submit as many times as you like, the most recent version will be marked.

If you submit your assignment after the due date, it will be considered a late submission and will incur a 10% penalty for each day that it is late.

Copying, Plagiarism

This is an individual assignment. You are explicitly instructed not to work in groups.

Plagiarism is the submission of somebody else’s work in a manner that gives the impression that the work is your own. For individual assignments, plagiarism includes the case where two or more students work collaboratively on the assignment. When it is detected, penalties are strictly imposed to all involved parties.

Submission Guidelines

You are required to upload your solutions to the Moodle as a zipped file. This ZIP file MUST include all the images, HTML and CSS files that your website needs to function.

Your website MUST work on XAMPP (or other compatible) web server and display correctly in Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

General Rules and Requirements

In this assessment you are required to design and develop a personal Website that is about:

  • You and your career
  • A portfolio of your

As the website must be about yourself and your career ambitions, choose a career to showcase on the website that you are passionate about. Example: Web Designer or Teacher. If you are uncertain, make one up!

  • You are expected to create your website by yourself using HTML and Web templates are not allowed.
  • Lab and lecture materials and resources can be used to help you with your
  • All CSS styles MUST be placed in a separate CSS
  • When you submit your assignment please include all the files your site needs to operate.
  • Your HTML code must be HTML5 compliant, hence use the HTML5 validator before submission.
  • The website should have a consistent look and feel. All the pages should have the same layout and the navigation bar should always be visible to the user.
  • The site must have a picture (of yourself or your own design) at the top of your page. You can position your picture left or right and you choose which page you want your picture to be displayed.
  • Your code must be indented and easy to

Home Page Requirements

  • Home PageA homepage is the introductory page of a website that usually acts as a table of contents for the On this page you should have access to the basic information that is found on your site.
  • Filename should be named “index.html”
  • Home page should indicate the purpose and identity of your website, it could be via your name and career ambition.
  • Short paragraph providing information about you or career
  • The home page could be more creative than the rest of your web pages, but you should try to professionally represent yourself through images and visual design.
  • You need to develop 2 more web pages for your personal website for a total of 3 including the main page.
  • Some suggestions (but you may think of your own) shown below: ✓ About, Achievements, Bio, Blog, Career, Education, Experience, Gallery, Hobbies, Photography.
  • Create hyperlinks to all the other pages in your website from the home page (this can be done at the end).

Other webpages

Please use the following topics for the other webpages that you need to link to the main page.

  • Your Bio: When people land on your website, they want to know who you are, what you do, and whether you have the skills and qualities to work at their Sharing your life story is not the primary objective of your bio, but rather showing visitors how you can help them; either by working with them one on one or by joining their ranks.

Most people use their “About” page to share a brief biography. This is the place to share the most important details that are relevant to your professional life:

  • Your education
  • Your skills and expertise
  • Your latest job or project you worked on

You can also include a brief section about what matters most to you, what causes you believe in, and a few hobbies to make it more engaging and to show off your p

  • Future plan: This page should include an outline of what you plan to do in the future. What are you planning to do when you finish your degree, where you would like to end up with a job, doing what, etc.?
  • All the webpages should have” header”, “navigation bar” and “footer”


  • The navigation bar should allow the user to get to any

Assignment Tips

Web assignments like this sound easy enough but please don’t underestimate the time required to complete this assignment. Start it as soon as possible.

Another thing to note about this assignment is how much code is reusable. Some files are very similar.

For this assignment most of the marks will be on the style and layout of the website. That is, how it looks and feels, and of course, the quality of your code.

It is highly recommended looking at what other successful websites look like such as Amazon and eBay. What things do they display on the page? What colours do they use? How big is the text?

The Navigation bar

The first thing you should do is get a basic navigation bar working so that you can at least browse the website.

The navigation bar is just like what we did in Lab 09.

The navigation bar MUST contain links to the following pages:

  1. (you may also name this file index.html if you like)
  2. html
  3. Future html

Please note that all the files on this website use the mystyle.css file for styling. So, any styles you put in mystyle.css will apply to all the pages.

Making the site look professional

If you haven’t already, please visit and these websites contain excellent examples of the things you can do with CSS and layouts.

What you should do is to start coding your webpages, you can start with index.html.

Then decide on a layout structure, where should the navigation bar go? Where should the heading go? Some people like to draw a layout plan on paper of how they want the page to look before starting any code.

Look around at other people's websites and blogs for ideas. As has been said at the start of this course web design requires a large amount of self-directed learning. There are plenty of online resources on working with HTML and CSS.

Once you have decided how you want your page to be structured think about what kinds of divs you will need.

Most website will have four major divs: container, header, navigation, and main.

HTML5 provides new semantic tags for these functions like <nav> and <section> you can use these if you like.

But <div> and <span> tags like we did in the labs are also acceptable. The layout and style are up to you - after all, you are the web developer.

Once you have all the layout looking the way you want it is time to assign colours and fonts. We advise against using bright colours, except maybe on the prices. Having a bright yellow background is not very aesthetically pleasing.

Remember that you are building a website to present your professional skills, you need to keep the page looking as professional as possible.

Enhancing usability

Once the basic structure and layout of your website is ready, implement following two features to enhance its usability:

  • Implement Social Media icons such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. along the Footer section of your web pages. All icons should redirect to homepages of corresponding websites.
  • In the site home page, create a basic ‘Feedback’ form with few field controls of your choice. When users fill in the form and click ‘Submit’ button, they should be redirected to a ‘ThankYou.php’ page. The page should display a thank you message, along with user’s details and feedback entered in the ‘Feedback’ form.

Web Assessment Report

You need to include a website report (MS Word document) as part of your submission. Your website report should include the following information:

  • The first page of the report should include your name, student ID and the subject code.
  • Web design (e.g., where did you place the navigation bar in your site? Why do you think this is a good design?)
  • What information/features did you include in your website?
  • How many images/videos have you included in your website?
  • Explain about each page and its
  • Take screenshots of each page of your
  • Justifications of the website layout (e.g., selection of colours, heading style, etc.).

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