TCHR5001 Play and Pedagogies in Early Childhood Education - Assessment 1: Digital Presentation

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One of the challenges that you may encounter in your future practice when implementing a play-based approach, is the differing views and perspectives of play. Part of your role as an early childhood teacher is to advocate the value and recognition of play in children’s lives as well as coming to a shared understanding of what ‘play’ is and what it means to implement a play-based pedagogy.

Task Description

This task requires students to reflect upon key issues presented in Modules 1-3 and create a digital presentation.

Task Instructions

You are working at early childhood education and care setting and have been asked to present at the parent information night. Some parents of children aged 3-5 years voice their concerns about the play-based approaches used in your setting. They believe their children should be engaged in more formal, academic approaches to prepare them for school. You must prepare a ‘pitch’ to explain and justify the importance of a play-based pedagogical approach.

Students may use PowerPoint, Prezi or Canva presentations. Your presentation must be accessible via a URL.

Your pitch must identify and justify the following elements:

  • Your play philosophy
  • The important role of play in children’s learning and development Including at least 3 developmental
  • What creates a successful play learning environment?

Your pitch must be supported and informed by:

  • At least 2 theories presented in Modules 1 and 2, including 1 foundational theory.
  • Relevant early childhood education and care policies, research and literature.

Follow the steps to complete the task:

  • Create digital presentation using PowerPoint, Prezi, Canva or another platform of your choice. Your presentation must include audio, text and images. It MUST be accessible via URL.
  • Create a new Word Document and save it with your surname and initials and the assessment task’s name. g: MillsA_assessmentl_pitchpedagogy
  • Create a cover page with the following details:

o Student name and Student ID

o Unit code and name

o Unit Assessor and Tutor names

o Date submitted

  • Paste URL to presentation on word document
  • Complete one reference list on word document
  • Once complete, submit task via the Turnitin link in the Assessment and Submission section of the unit site.


APA7th referencing format is required with a minimum of 5 references. Sources should include relevant early childhood policy and peer-reviewed literature. Students must use the unit textbook.

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