TCHR2003 Curriculum Studies in Early Childhood Education - Portfolio Assignment

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Assessment Task 2: Portfolio

Length: 1500 words

Weighting: 50%

Referencing: APA

Submission: Via the Turnitin link on the Assessment and Submission section on the unit site.

There are four photos of environments in early childhood settings provided on the Blackboard site for this assessment.

Choose two of the photos and respond to the following for each (750):

  1. Explain how these environments can be used to promote children's learning and development. Use theoretical and unit reference sources to support your explanation.
  2. Analyse the knowledge children can learn within the learning environment across one or more key learning area: science and technology; mathematics; language and literacy; history; creative arts and/or physical health and wellbeing.
  3. Explain and justify the pedagogical approach/es and roles the early childhood educator could take in this learning environment to promote children's learning and development.

Use minimum of 8 references to scholarly sources that substantially support your discussion, including reference to unit literature, the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) (AGDE, 2022) the National Quality Standards (ACECQA, 2018) and the Australian Curriculum (ACARA, 2022).


The purpose of this assignment is to develop deeper understanding of how everyday objects, routines and resources in the early childhood setting can be used to promote children's learning and development in the key learning areas. It is also important that early childhood educators have a deep understanding of the role of play in these learning environments to best promote children's conceptual knowledge in key learning areas appropriate to the birth to five years.

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