Task: The Department of Health has commissioned you to write a report on an emerging infectious disease of concern to Australia.


The Department of Health has commissioned you to write a report on an emerging infectious disease of concern to Australia (choose ONE disease from the list below).  The purpose of the report is to:

  • Provide an overview of the disease and its aetiological agent
  • Describe the risk factors for transmission
  • Outline the current or potential strategies for preventing the disease
  • Argue why resources should be directed to the prevention and control of the disease
  • Provide a basis for developing policies and response plans specific to the chosen disease
  • Inform a broad range of audiences including policy makers, scientists, researchers, public health practitioners and clinicians, about the disease risks

List of diseases

  • Mycobacterium ulceransinfection
  • Dengue
  • Monkeypox virus
  • Nipah virus

If you have another disease in mind, please contact the unit convenor for approval.

Report content

Your report should contain the following sections:

  1. Title (make it interesting!)
  2. Background
  • An overview of the disease (causative agent, symptoms, modes of transmission, reservoirs)
  • A description of the major factors which contributed to the emergence or re-emergence of the disease, including any outbreaks of significance
  • Current distribution of the disease
  1. Analysis of key issues
  • Risk factors for disease transmission relevant to the Australian context
  • Identification of at risk populations
  • Tools for monitoring the disease (i.e. legislation, surveillance, etc.)
  • Strategies for controlling the disease, (i.e. environmental controls, biosecurity measures, vaccination, treatment, health communication, etc.)
  • Potential implications of disease for different groups (e.g. populations, regions, industries, etc.)
  1. Stakeholders
  • A list of key government and non-government stakeholders who may be impacted by the development of a policy or a response and why they should be consulted (consider using a table).
  1. Recommendations
  • Recommendations for future work
  1. References- APA 7 at least 10 -15 peer review articles

Report format and presentation

When preparing your report, please ensure that you:

  • Use appropriate subheadings
  • Write in a style that is suitable for the intended purpose and audience (remember, the audience may not be experts in the subject matter, so avoid jargon)
  • Stick to the word limit. Penalties apply for assignments that are very brief or over the word limit by more than 10%
  • Be creative in your presentation – consider including a visually appealing title page and using colour, different sized text, columns, bulleted lists, figures, tables, etc. to add emphasis/interest where appropriate

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