Task 2: The Development of Psychological Capital and Authentic Leadership Behaviour

Task Description

The Luthans et al (2008) training package for increasing “hope”, begins with identifying a personal goal you wish to achieve. The activities involved in assessment 1 and 2 provide a pathway for you to analyse and reflect on how the training package affects your outcomes and those of your colleagues.


Assessment 2 develops competencies in authentic leadership behaviours: emotional awareness and relational transparency. An important behaviour of authentic leaders is relational transparency – the behaviour involves the ability to form and maintain effective workplace relationships. This involves being emotionally self-aware so that you can give and receive useful feedback respectfully. Once you receive feedback, authentic leaders accept feedback from multiple sources and then engage in rational processing in making decisions.

Task Instructions

Step 1 – 500 words maximum – On blackboard, critique the goals/sub-goals and pathways of four learners (assessment 1) and post your feedback (a maximum of 125 words of feedback for each of the four learners chosen). Give genuine and positively-focused feedback about the practicalities (how realistic are the goal/sub goal(s)) and access to resources (such as time, energy, commitments, funding) required. Identify any potential roadblocks in terms of strategies/pathways and provide some solutions to them. 

Step 2 - Submit a single word document via the Blackboard Turnitin link. There are three parts to this assignment.

  • Part 1 involves revising your first assignment based on feedback from your tutor and fellow learners. All changes must be highlighted in a different colour so that the modified sections are obvious. The changes should reflect   how you have used the feedback from your tutor and fellow learners to modify your goal and/or sub-goals and/or strategies/pathways (You can use up to 200 words to revise the document).
  • Part 2 involves justifying all of the changes you have made. For example, you may change your main goal document in line with your overarching life goal or you may change the pathways because the feedback you received stated that you sub goals needed to be more specific and measurable. You can use up to 300 words for your justification.
  • Part 3 involves including three appendixes.
  1. The first appendix is a copy of your original Blackboard posting (assessment 1).
  2. The second appendix is a copy of the feedback you received for assessment 1 from other learners. Please list the name who gave you feedback.
  3. The third appendix is a copy of the feedback you gave to 4 fellow learners for assessment 1.  This work demonstrates relational transparency (500 words).

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