Task 1a - Professional Reflection Essay 1- Characteristics of the learning environment

  • Same topic for everyone: characteristics of the learning environment
  • Select one characteristic of the learning environment.
  • Write 750 words presenting key ideas around this aspect of the learning environment and recent research that would be useful for teachers to consider.
  • Learning environment is an inclusive term in this activity – it refers to any aspect of a community, school and classroom, including physical structure and material resources, classroom organisation and climate, teacher characteristics and student characteristics.
  • At least five (5) academic references to support your writing.
  • Analysing your experiences through the lens of the literature

o How do your experiences and the research align? Where are the areas of tension?

  • Professional in tone (writing in the first person -- e.g., I, my -- is appropriate).

Examples of characteristics of the learning environment

  • positive learning environments
  • continuous feedback
  • differentiated instruction
  • problem-based learning/inquiry-based learning or explicit direct instruction
  • authentic learning
  • physical learning environments such as open classrooms, or online vs face to face vs blended learning
  • school culture

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