TAELED803 Implement Improved Learning Practice

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Section 1: Evaluation and planning

Describe the organisation and the course you are basing this project on.
Describe the cohort of learners you are basing this project on.
Provide an overview of current training and assessment practices.What learning materials are being used?What training techniques are being used?

What assessment methods are being used?

What other resources and equipment are being used?

How is technology currently being used?

You will need to attach the current Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS) as part of your evidence.

How are you going to conduct observations and an analysis of your learner cohort?This must include:Their interests, abilities, relationships and any contextual needs.

Their unique learner styles and how appropriate the current learning methods are for them.

This will involve data collection and building learner profiles.

Attach your evidence once you have completed your observations and evaluations.

Evaluation of advances in learning practicesWhat advances in practice have you researched?How do these advances specifically apply to the course you are basing this project on?

How these are being implemented by other organisations.

List your sources.

Evaluation of technologyWhat is the role of technology in this industry area?What is the impact of new technologies on learners and training techniques and how this could be incorporated into your learning environment?
Provide an evaluation for how new learning practices can be introduced for your chosen course and cohort in a way that will ensure learning practice still reflects the qualification requirements.What are the requirements that must be met and how can you ensure this when introducing changes?
Why should changes be incorporated?When was the strategy last reviewed and why is there a need to review and challenge existing practices?
PlanningSummarise the changes you are going to make to learning practice for the current course along with your reasons why you have chosen to this.Include details of how you have considered:

·           Learner styles, needs and preferences

·           Technology

·           Advances in contemporary practice

·           Qualification requirements.

Make a copy of the TAS and work your changes into the copy.

Attach as evidence.

Section 2: Testing and advocating

Testing approaches usedOutline how you tested changes to learning practice based on your planning in Section 1.  Include details of testing and trials that took place, participants, timeframes, successes and failures.

Attach evidence of testing conducted (videos, documentation, modified resources etc.)

Discuss the resources you used during this phase.How did you source them and how did you ensure they were available?
ResultsSummarise the results of your testing and what you’ve learned.How was the learning improved? What were the comments of the trial participants?

Attach evidence (surveys / feedback forms / data collection)

AdvocacyOutline how you advocated for improved learning practice and acted as a mentor to your colleagues.

How did you share your knowledge and experience with others to develop improved practice?

Attach evidence.

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