Student need selling and making their Marketing plan for Chew & Glow product

Marketing Plan Expectations

Student need selling and making their Marketing plan for Chew & Glow product. The objective of the marketing plan is to make it interactive features of digital marketing/photographic/diagrammable and so on. Make sure your marketing plan meets the following formatting requirements:

  1. Cover Page – Project Name, Name/Logo/Slogan of your marketing company, Names of group members, (feel free to be creative with this! Pictures, etc. are a plus)
  2. Table of Contents – including section headings and page #’s
  3. Executive Summary
  4. Part 1: Market Analysis
  • External Analysis
  • Internal Analysis
  1. Part 2: Target market, customer analysis, positioning
  • Identify segmentation strategies – how to group customers with similar needs, wants, behavior, or attitudes
  • Targeting – identify specific segments for marketing
  • Positioning – Competitively distinctive position, perceptual map
  1. Part 3: Objectives
  • Goals – long-term performance targets
  • Objectives – shorter-term target that support the achievement of goals
  • Location analysis (option of at least 2 suggested locations)
  1. Part 4: Marketing Strategy
  • Including your Target Market’s customer profile, your store’s Marketing Mix (4Ps), and all advertisements
  1. Part 5: Financial and Operational plans
  • Objectives to be achieved
  • Overall marketing budget
  • Potential ROI (Return on Investment)
  1. Part 6: Metrics and implementation control
  • Identifying metrics to track results
  • Forecasts of future sales and costs
  • Schedules of all marketing tasks

Presentation Expectations

Your team need to present your plan by creating a presentation using CANVA form. The presentation duration should be within 20 minutes (MAX).

Below are the expectations of the presentation.

  1. All group members MUST participate in the presentation
  2. Make sure that your volume is appropriate
  3. Each of the following points should be presented:
  • Slide 1: Title Slide (logo, slogan, team members)
  • Slide 2: Executive Summary
  • Slide 3: Competition & External Environment Analysis
  • Slide 4: Internal Analysis (SWOT)
  • Slide 5: Objectives
  • Slide 6: Location
  • Slide 7: Segments & Target Market
  • Slide 8: Marketing Mix (4 P’s)
  • Slide 9: Advertisements (share/perform)
  • Slide 10: Action Plan
  • Slide 11: Conclusion (why is your idea the best?)

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