SPS201 Alcohol and other Drugs - Assessment 1

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Assessment 1: Analysis of AOD foundational knowledge (15%)

Due Date: Week 6

Word Count: 1200 words

This assessment is designed to help you develop the foundational knowledge in alcohol and other drugs and demonstrate report writing skills.

Assessment : Analysis of foundational knowledge


Students must complete this assessment in Moodle.

This assessment requires that you write a 1200-word analysis on three foundational areas of learning.

1.  Understanding of addiction

2.  The Cycle of Addiction

3.  Evidence based models (choose one evidence-based model only)

To be successful in this assessment the student must address all three sections (note: choose one evidence-based model only).

You are required to clearly demonstrate your understanding of what addiction is, in terms of your what you have learnt, how the Cycle of Addiction impacts as well as giving a very clear understanding of ONE evidence-based model

Your assessment must be submitted through Turnitin and must adhere to the College's academic integrity and authorship requirements.

This assessment serves as a preparatory guide to the learning that students are expected to acquire and develops the research and analysis skills required to complete subsequent assessments.

Generic skills assessed

Information literacy and report writing

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