Slmpllly: Ax? 5x6 Zx5 + 3 ) - ( 3x6 2+5 6x7 3 ) -2x7 8x6 + Ox5 ~2x7 - 8x6 + 9x5 10x7 2x6 + Sx5 3x6 + x5

Slmpllly: Ax? 5x6 Zx5 + 3 ) - ( 3x6 2+5 6x7 3 ) -2x7 8x6 + Ox5 ~2x7 - 8x6 + 9x5 10x7 2x6 + Sx5 3x6 + x5


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Q. R. S.D. has been written in a circle. What is the name of such a quadrilateral? The psychic could be on either side. Yeah, huh. These two animals add up to 180. We will use the information to find the value of X. Find the measures of all of the angles. The first equation is three X plus five equals five. Three x plus five plus five x plus 15 Equals is 180. We have eight x plus 20 Equals 180, so we continue to simplify. Subtracting 20 from both sides gives us eight. Because it's 160. The X value is 20. We have the X value. We can change it into these expressions. The angle is 115 since five times 20 is 100. Equals 115 is the measure of angle that decreases the mission of T. That temperature is 65 degrees. How can we ignore the fact that three times in 2060 60 plus five is 65. The measure of angle access is four times20. That's 80 plus 30. We can use it to find the measure. The accused angle is 180 degrees and the angle S is 180 degrees. The final temperature is 70 degrees. The angles within the cyclic quadrilateral are measured. Was it possible that you could?


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