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Assessment Task 2: Project

Information for students

Tasks required for this unitThis unit of competency requires that you:

·         prepare staff rosters that meet diverse operational requirements across three different roster periods

·           ensure the following when preparing the above staff rosters:
o     sufficient staff to ensure the delivery of required services within wage budget constraintso     appropriate skills mix of the team

o     modifications are incorporated where required

o     compliance with industrial provisions and organisational policies and procedureso     completion of rosters within commercial and staff time constraints.
Instructions for how you will complete these requirements are included below.


Complete the following activities.

  1. Carefully read the following information.
Successful completion of this unit requires that you complete the range of tasks listed above. It is important that you provide evidence that you have successfully completed each task.Below is a guide to the skills and knowledge you must demonstrate when you are completing each activity step. We have provided a number of documents to assist you and you will find these in the student resources.

You will need access to:

·           your learning resources and other information for reference

·           rostering software

·           your Operational Policy

·           your Business Case Study Template

·           your Staff Profile Template

·           your Timesheet Template

·           your Staff Record Template

·           your Evaluation Report Template

·           space for a meeting.

What do I need to demonstrate?During this task, you will be required to demonstrate a range of the skills and knowledge that you have developed during your course. These include:

·           developing a roster following relevant industrial agreements, other considerations and wage budgets

·           maximising operational and customer service efficiency while minimising wage costs

·           combining duties where appropriate to ensure effective use of staff

·           rostering teams with complementary skills mix to meet operational requirements

·           taking account of social and cultural considerations and broader organisational policies that affect staff rosters

·           consulting with colleagues to obtain their input into rosters

·           using roster systems and equipment to administer rosters

·           presenting rosters in required formats to ensure clarity of information according to organisational standards

·           communicating rosters to appropriate colleagues within designated timeframes

·           administering records of shift time completed by employees or contractors

·           maintaining staff rostering records according to organisational procedures

·           monitoring effectiveness of rosters in consultation with colleagues

·           identifying ways in which rosters and roster development processes may be improved and take appropriate action.

How will I provide evidence?Your assessor will provide you with templates to complete each task. You will find some detailed information about providing evidence; this will include:

·           a completed Business Case Study

·           a completed Staff Roster

·           an amended Staff Roster

·           two completed Staff Timesheets

·           a completed Staff Record

·           an Evaluation Report.

You will need to complete each activity and submit the completed templates at the end of each step completed.

  1. Select a business and roster teams.


You are required to prepare a three-week roster for kitchen staff using a business such as a restaurant or hotel of your choice. A Business Case Study Template has been provided to guide you on the information required in order to complete the assessment as well as an Operational Policy to help identify operational requirements.Once you have completed the Business Case Study, you will then need to meet with staff to discuss their availability over the next three weeks.

The assessor will divide you into groups of five (5). Each person in the group must select one of the staff positions that you identified in the Business Case Study and complete the Staff Profile Template provided. They will do this providing their own details and skills and experience.

When completing the Staff Profile Template (as you will be completing one for other students as part of their project) – make sure you are true to your own commitments and availability over the roster period. Also consider your own personal, social and cultural needs and ensure to communicate any requirements to the person preparing the roster.

Please note that this is an individual task so each person must develop their own business case.

When conducting discussions, take into consideration:

·           any staff requests for the roster including any upcoming personal commitments

·           social and cultural considerations such as working flexibly, family commitments, cultural events or ceremonies.

During the meeting with your group, ensure that you use effective communication skills including:

·           listening to staff requests

·           using active listening to confirm understanding

·           asking questions to confirm any requirements.

You are to base all wages on the pay guide for the Hospitality Industry (General) Award (you can download this from:

Conduct the meeting/role play.You are one of the staff members and the others in your group will also be staff members. Provide your own skills and experiences and record the other group member’s details and skills and experience.

Use the Business Case Study Template that has been provided to you to record the details provided by the other staff members as well as the Operational Policy to help identify operational requirements and the staff members’ completed profiles.

Record the details and submit the completed Business Case Study and each Staff Profile to your assessor.
  1. Research and select roster software.


Using the internet research an appropriate scheduling software that you could use to create the roster. You may need to register to download the software, however, only select one that has a free trial around 30 days. The assessor must approve the selected software.
  1. Create a roster.
Using the software you have downloaded, create the staff roster according to the discussions held with staff (your group), information gathered for the Business Case Study and operational requirements outlined in the Operational Policy.Your roster must meet the following criteria:

·           Meet operational requirements as set out in the Operational Policy.

·           Meet the business requirements as identified in the Business Case Study.

·           Have the right amount of staff with the necessary skills and mix to deliver services effectively.

·           Meet any wage and budget constraints as outlined in the Operational Policy and complying with the Hospitality Industry (General) Award, based upon the positions identified.

·           Be clear enough so that it can easily be understood by all staff.

The roster must be submitted in a suitable format to your supervisor for approval within the time allocated. This could be a PDF document, a printed report from the software, or a screenshot.

Submit your roster to your assessor.
  1. Roster changes.
The supervisor (your assessor) will provide you with the following messages from three members of staff:·           One member of staff is sick.

·           One casual member of staff has requested extra hours.

·           One member of staff has been called for jury duty.

The assessor will let you know which students in your group represent each staff member and provide you with further information on the messages received.

Change the roster using the staff requesting extra hours to cover for the two members of staff unavailable. Ensure that it still meets the roster criteria and the requirements of the Operational Policy.

Send an email to the supervisor explaining the changes and why they were made, include the amended roster and ask for final approval.

The roster must be developed and submitted to your supervisor for approval within the time allocated.

Submit the adjusted/modified roster to your assessor
  1. Communicating the roster.
The supervisor has approved the roster.Draft an email to the members of staff rostered and cc to your supervisor. In the email you must clearly point out the changes made.

The roster must be communicated to staff within the timeframe allocated.

Submit the email to the assessor, including the roster saved in an appropriate format.

  1. Maintaining records.


As part of your role, you are to record timesheets completed by two staff members.They must complete the Timesheets for the first week based on their actual shifts and submit this back to you.

You will be required to do the same for each of the other members in your group.

Once you have received both Timesheets, check the information received against the roster.

Record and maintain the staff records by completing the Staff Record Template. Ensure that you accurately record all the information to ensure that the member of staff is paid the right amount of money for the hours worked.
Submit the completed Staff Record and a copy of the Timesheets to your assessor.
  1. Feedback and evaluation.


Meet with your initial group and discuss the effectiveness of the roster development process. Discuss what worked and what didn’t work.Take notes during the discussion and use these to write an evaluation of the roster development process, including any recommendations or actions required to improve the roster process used.

An Evaluation Report Template has been provided to assist you.

Record your findings on the Evaluation Report Template to guide your response.

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