SITXGLC001 Research and Comply With Regulatory Requirements

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Assessment Task 4- Unit Project, Role Play and Presentation

Instructions to complete this assessment task:

  • Please write your responses in the template provided.
  • You may attach a separate sheet if required.
  • You must include the following particulars in the footer section of each page of the attached sheets:
    • Student ID or Student Name
    • Unit ID or Unit Code
    • Course ID or Course Code
    • Trainer and assessor name
    • Page numbers
  • You must staple the loose sheets together along with the cover page.
  • You must attach the loose sheets chronologically as per the page numbers.
  • Correction fluid and tape are not permitted. Please do any corrections by striking through the incorrect words with one or two lines and rewriting the correct
  • The premise of the project must be closely related to the previous assessment task.
  • This submission must be well presented and follow the guidelines and instructions provided.
  • Please follow the format as indicated in the template section below.
  • One of the most important steps that you can take: proofread your
  • Word limit to complete the subtask is given in the aactivities, you must ensure that you use 11-point font, double-spaced, and must include a cover page, table of contents, introduction, body, summary or conclusion, and works cited.
  • Appropriate citations are required.
  • This assessment task requires you to assume/ take on the role Food and Beverage manager.
  • Trainer will assume/take on different roles based on the given activities.
  • You must complete activities using template provided to you.
  • All RTO policies are in effect, including the plagiarism policy.

Resources required to complete the assessment task:

  • Place for meeting, role play and presentation or teleconferencing
  • Computer
  • Internet
  • MS Word
  • Printer or e-printer
  • Adobe acrobat/reader
  • Trainer playing role of member of regulatory authorities.
  • Students playing role of staff members.
  • Computers, software programs, printers and communication technology used to administer regulatory requirements

Project Task:

Ensure compliance with legal requirements and maintain personal and organisational knowledge of regulatory requirements

This task is in continuation form assessment task 2 and 3.

You have successfully researched information for legal compliance in assessment task 2 and developed the policies and procedures as part of assessment task 3.

In this task, you will be required to complete set of activities, to ensure that the business operations comply with the legal requirements and maintain personal and organisational knowledge of regulatory requirements

Activity 1:

PT 1.1. The next task that has been allocated is to ensure that the business complies with the legal requirements.

The owner of the  Roma Café wants you to communicate with relevant regulatory authorities, conduct discussion on different business operations given below for compliance and prepare a report for them.

Your trainer will act as a member of the regulatory bodies based on the topics that needs to be addressed and will switch his/her roles accordingly.

  • Superannuation: Employer responsibilities in relation to payment of superannuation for employees
  • Taxation: Overview of statutory reporting requirements for businesses
  • Insurance: key business insurances required by different tourism and hospitality businesses, including public liability and workers' compensation.

The word limit to complete the report id 150-200 words.

You must write a brief introduction of the project based on assessment task 2 and 3 in 30-50 words.

Project Report on Legal and Regulatory Complaince

An introduction about the project

Table of contents

Main body of the report covering following Topics in appropriate details

·         Superannuation: Employer responsibilities in relation to payment of superannuation for employees

·         Taxation: Overview of statutory reporting requirements for businesses

·         Insurance: key business insurances required by different tourism and hospitality businesses, including public liability and workers' compensation.

Summary and review



Activity 2:

Assume that you have recently become aware of the facts that your RSA certification is about to expire. As maintaining your certification and knowledge in this area is paramount to business operations (with considerable penalties for failing to comply with these in effect), the owner has offered to subsidise professional development activities for the staff members to up-skill. The owner wants you to conduct research, identify and explain the opportunities for maintaining the current regulatory knowledge requirements on liquor licensing and undertaking RSA refresher certification and complete the template given below.

Activity 3:

After up skill and learning more about RSA and liquor license requirements, you seek to apply this new knowledge to ongoing business maintenance; in the form of risk minimisation from a compliance point of view.

You also wanted to evaluate the business operations by checking all contractor licenses and currency and submit an email to the owner. The management has provided you the details of their RSA certificates as given in the table.

Contractor name Card number Date of Issue
Barry CHCC12039921 12 September 2018
Michelle CHW12737548 17 July 2017
Charlie CHB132904790 14 June 2018
Natty CHB178320970 16 April 2020


Based on the information provided in the table, write an email to the owner specifying the contractor/s whose license has expired and also the penalties that the business might face in case if the contractors continue to work after the expiry of the RSA. You must also specify the further steps that must be taken to ensure that the contractor’s license remains compliant.

Your trainer will act as the owner.

You will be required to create a template as shown below in the MS-word, fill the template and attach the hard copy with the assessment task.

Activity 4:

In activity 3 of this assessment task, you have identified that some of the contractor are non-compliant. The owner is concerned about this fact and has allocated you the task to implement the required modifications to ensure that the licenses remain compliant.

The owner also wants you to gather information on ongoing requirements of maintaining licenses and discuss the same with him.

Your trainer will act as the owner of the company.


You are required to conduct an on-line search, identify the information for the key points listed below and discuss it with your trainer/assessor.

  • Required modifications
  • Ongoing requirements to maintain license
  • Auditing and inspection regimes
  • Impact of contractor compliance to business
  • Risk to business if contractor is non-compliant.

Part 5:

The board is concerned about the non-compliance issues and the inefficiency of the current systems in place to evaluate the consistency of operational non-compliance. Currently there are no procedures in place that outlines that methods of continuous improvement and also the system that keep the café up to date with the regulatory requirements and the board wants you to write a short procedure outlining the method that will be used to address the following aspects for continuous improvement, communication and staying up to date:

  • Systems that will be used to ensure consistent evaluation of operational non-compliance
  • Methods that will be used to stay up to date with changes in legislation and regulatory requirements to ensure compliance?
  • Ways to ensure that the staff at the relevant levels of responsibility will be consistently up to date with relevant information for changes as these occur?
  • Type of documentation that assist in management of compliance and continuous improvement.

Part 6:

After updating these documents, the owner wants you to hold a presentation meeting with all staff to communicate the new procedures that you developed as part 5 of the assessment task.

The students will act as the staff members of the café’.

You must prepare 8-10 slides of the presentation.

The key points that will be discussed in the presentation are as follow:

  • Current law and licensing requirements for complying with RSA
  • Procedure outlining the method that would be used to address aspects for continuous improvement, communication and staying up to date developed in part 5 of this assessment task.

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