SHI104 Sociology of Health and Illness

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Assessment Task

The task for this assessment involves selecting one (1) of the case study videos and writing a report which relates to that case study and addresses the 4 points outlined in the instructions section of this Assessment Brief.


Health and healthcare can be understood through biomedical, behavioural, and socio-economical approaches, and it is important for health professionals to understand the strengths and limitations of these approaches.

In addition, the concepts of public health, the “new public health”, social model of health, sociology, population health and health promotion are used as frameworks for designing and implementing health services, and within which nurses work and contribute to the health of individuals and communities.


For this assessment select one (1) of the case study videos, that is Video 1: David (hypertension), or Video 2: Rhonda (diabetes), or Video 3: Theo (depression).

Your task is to compile a report applying the knowledge that you have gained within this subject to describe approaches to health as they relate to your chosen video case study. The report is to include demographic information related to the health concern and a description of a health promotion activity or initiative for this health issue.

Your report should cover the following

  1. A definition of the biomedical, behavioural, and socio-economic approaches to understanding health and
  2. Explain your chosen health issue presented in the video in biomedical, behavioural, and socio-economic terms, highlighting at least 2 factors that may contribute to the health issue. This includes highlighting at least 2 biomedical factors and 2 behavioural factors and 2 socio- economic This response should relate to the health issue and your case study.
  3. Research and outline the demographic data for Australia for the health issue that you have chosen, including mention of:
    • prevalence
    • gender
    • age
    • and where available, race, location and other
  4. Identify a health promotion activity/ program that aims to address the causes and prevalence of the health issue and:
    • Briefly outline the health promotion activity/ program
    • Indicate what you think the strengths and weakness are of the activity/ program
    • Explain whether you think this strategy would be effective or not for the case study you have chosen (David, Rhonda or Theo)

Helpful Data Sources

There are many useful sites to research demographic information. To help you begin the search you may wish to begin with these data websites:


  • A cover page must be included which includes; subject name and code, assessment number, student name, student number and word
  • Present your assessment in 12-point font, Arial or Times New Roman, 1.5 line spaced and a minimum of 5cm margins.
  • Page numbers should be included in the footer along with student ID
  • Dot points should only be used sparingly in this assessment. Responses must be made in full sentences using academic writing conventions including the use of


See below Helpful Guidelines -How to Write a Report?


A minimum of 8 – 10 references are required for this assessment. Use recent, relevant and reliable resources to complete this task. These should be peer-reviewed literature other credible sources (government documents, reports, publications and authentic webpages), related to the subject matter that are not older than seven years.

It is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research. Please see more information on referencing in the Academic Skills webpage.

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