SHI104 Sociology of Health and Illness - Assessment 1: Reflective Piece

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Assessment Task

The task for this assessment involves viewing the video case study of David and responding to four

  • questions (See the instructions section). The tasks include:
    • reflecting on David’s health status and the factors that impact on David’s health.
    • Identifying and explaining ways to demonstrate cultural safety as a nurse.


This assessment introduces the student to concepts of health and illness from a personal view as well as that of their communities. Students will reflect on perception, attitudes and values and consider this in relation to their future role as a health professional. Understanding individual and community knowledge, attitudes and values about health and illness are critical in developing appropriate and effective nursing care.

Cultural safety acknowledges the unique needs of individuals. As students reflect on their personal views of health and illness, they are asked to become culturally self-aware and acknowledge how a nurse’s personal culture impacts on the care they provide. This is the essence of cultural safety.


To complete the assessment task,

  • Watch the video case study of David (‘Case study videos’ are available in the Assessment section of Blackboard). Take note of how you feel and any thoughts or questions that come to mind when watching the video (this may help you answer the questions).
  • Respond to the questions in Part 1 and Part 2 below. Students are required to answer all 4 questions to complete the
  • Write a total of 500 word (+/- 10%) in your reflective response to the

Part 1 Factors that Impact on Health

  1. Do you believe David is healthy? Consider your personal values and beliefs on health in your
  2. Reflect on two (2) factors from the video, you think, impact positively on David’s health and explain
  3. Reflect on two (2) factors from the video, you think, impact negatively on David’s health and explain

(You can respond to questions 1-3 without using references or drawing on academic sources. This is your reflection and your opinion).

Part 2 Cultural Safety

  1. Identify and explain three (3) ways you would demonstrate cultural safety when caring for David in your future role as a Support your response with references.


  • A cover page must be included which includes; subject name and code, assessment number, student name, student number and word  
  • Present your assessment in 12-point font, Arial or Times New Roman, 1.5 line spaced and a minimum of 5cm margins.  
  • Page numbers should be included in the footer along with student ID  
  • Dot points should only be used sparingly in this assessment. Responses must be made in full sentences using academic writing conventions including the use of paragraphs. 


  • As this reflection asks for your opinion you can write all your responses in the first
  • Include a ‘title page’ with student name, number, title of assessment, lecturer name and word count (not including referencing).
  • Use suitable headings and subheadings for the information

Question 4 - when presenting your opinion, you are required to support it with relevant experience (if applicable) and use published literature as supporting evidence (which may include citing journal articles, relevant website links, news article, magazines or text from related books).


A minimum of 2 references are required for this assessment (in response to question 4 only). Use recent, relevant and reliable resources to complete this task. These should be peer-reviewed literature other credible sources (government documents, reports, publications and authentic webpages), related to the subject matter that are not older than seven years. 

It is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research. Please see more information on referencing in the Academic Skills webpage.

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