SHI104 SHI104 Sociology of Health and Illness - Assessment 3

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Assessment Task

The task for this assessment involves writing a report that addresses the 3 questions outlined in the instruction section of this Assessment Brief.


This assessment builds on the first two assessments and focuses on the social and environmental determinants of health for the selected health issue. Understanding this context of health and illness enables the nurse to develop and contribute to meaningful and effective clinical and population health interventions.

The importance of self-care, community engagement, and empowerment are considered, along with the role of nurse as advocate and facilitator of positive health change.


This assessment requires the compilation of a report to demonstrate the knowledge that you have gained within this subject on the social determinants of health, specifically as they relate the case study and health issue you worked on in the second assessment (i.e., Video 1: David - hypertension, Video 2: Rhonda – diabetes and Video 3: Theo – depression). This report additionally requires considering issues of health literacy, community engagement and self-care strategies.

Your report should cover the following:

  1. Choose 4 social and environmental determinants of health from the listing below, and explain how they may influence your chosen health issue from the video case study used in Assessment 2 (i.e., Video 1: David - hypertension, Video 2: Rhonda – diabetes and Video 3: Theo – depression).
    • social gradient
    • poverty and deprivation
    • where you live (housing and neighbourhood)
    • education
    • environment (climate, pollution, sanitation)
    • employment status (and conditions of employment)
    • transport,
    • early childhood life
    • personal health strategies
    • social support and exclusion
    • food
    • health systems
    • gender and violence
  2. Describe examples of ways in which to engage and empower the community and increase health literacy on the health issue presented in your chosen case study video. Consider what communication and cultural issues need to be considered?
  3. Consider the health condition and health literacy challenges of your chosen case study, identify some self-care strategies they could employ to maintain their own good health and well-being.


Please note: this report should contain an introduction, body and conclusion. See below, Helpful Guidelines - How to Write a Report?


A minimum of 10 references are required for this assessment. Use recent, relevant and reliable resources to complete this task. These should be peer-reviewed literature other credible sources (government documents, reports, publications and authentic webpages), related to the subject matter that are not older than seven years. 

It is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research. Please see more information on referencing in the Academic Skills webpage.

Submission Instructions

Please submit your Report word document into Assessment 3 submission link in the Assessment section found in the main navigation menu of the subject Blackboard site. A rubric is attached to the assessment. The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade Centre in the LMS portal.

Feedback can be viewed in My Grades. 

  • Submit your report as a word document (unprotected) and not PDF. 

Academic Integrity

All students are responsible for ensuring that all work submitted is their own and is appropriately referenced and academically written according to the Academic Writing Guide. Students also need to have read and be aware of Torrens University Australia Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure and subsequent penalties for academic misconduct. These are viewable online.

Students also must keep a copy of all submitted material and any assessment drafts.

Special Consideration

To apply for special consideration for a modification to an assessment or exam due to unexpected or extenuating circumstances, please consult the Assessment Policy for Higher Education Coursework and ELICOS and, if applicable to your circumstance, submit a completed Application for Assessment Special Consideration Form to your Learning Facilitator.

Helpful Guidelines -How to Write a Report?

The purpose of writing a report is to present information which can be described or analysed. The key differences between writing a report and an essay; are that an essay provides opportunity for exploration of ideas which can be expanded on in a lot more detail. A report on the other hand is more prescriptive in its structure and the language that is used. This means that your writing style needs to be concise and clear. Reports are broken up into headings and subheadings, can include tables, graphs and diagrams; and information can be presented in dot point form where appropriate.

The following is a basic report structure which can be used to successfully complete this assessment task.


This section requires you to provide background information on the topic you have chosen to investigate (including historical context, surrounding changes in our understanding), the purpose of your report, and what information your report will contain. This section is to be written in complete sentences and paragraphs. It does not to contain any dot point information or tables, graphs and diagrams.

Body of Report

This section will be broken up into a series of subheadings which will address each of the key areas you are required to research for your topic. The majority of these sections should be written in complete sentences and paragraphs however, you can include graphs, diagrams and tables that may be appropriate. Ensure that you title these clearly, in the correct way, and reference using the APA system where necessary. Tables, graphs and diagrams can also be added in an appendix at the end of your report, and when doing this, you need to clearly state where the item can be located.

Generally, information presented in this format does not count towards your overall word count. Some information may be presented in dot point, however if the majority of your information is set out in this way it makes it difficult to evaluate your level of understanding for each area being researched.


This section brings together all of the information that you have presented in your report, and links back to your introduction any information that adds value to our overall understanding of the topic. You can also discuss any areas which have been identified as requiring further research or investigation and how this will work to improve or change our understanding of the topic. This section does not introduce or discuss any new information specifically, and like the introduction, will be written in complete sentences and paragraphs. No tables, graphs, diagrams or dot points.

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