SCM20003 Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management - Assignment 2

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The Assignment in Global Logistics and Supply Chain unit simulates a real- world learning encounter for students to apply their knowledge in resolving actual logistics and supply chain issues involving demand estimation & forecasting, supply chain performance metrics and logistics arrangements to propose a logistic solution. Students are required to assume that they are part of a team of supply chain experts who plan to supply a chosen product to Rebel Sports- Australia. Over a period of 9-10 weeks during a teaching semester, students scaffold knowledge and skills required to design an overall logistics and supply chain plan. Students produce a report including an effective executive summary, visually presented using infographics.

This assignment provides you with an opportunity to enhance professionalskills and competencies including information literacy, critical literacy and technology literacy. Professionally visualising the logistics and supply chain decisions needed to take when implementing a project to supply a product to a client firm is one of the special features of the assessment.

As a team of supply chain managers for a company supplying products to Rebel Sport, your task is to develop a forecast and distribution plan for supplying one real product (of your choice) to Rebel Sport outlets throughout Australia, to satisfy market demand for the period January 2024-December 2024. A report, based upon a combination of facts you can learn about the companies involved and your own opinions, should describe:

PART A: Preparing the Report

Specific Tasks:

  1. Company Background
    • The background to the organisation you have chosen, your chosen product, and where your product is manufactured ,
  • Who Rebel Sport are, what markets they operate in, their network design, their online presence, and how many retail stores they currently have around Australia (break down state by state),
  • Where your product fits within the Rebel Sport’s range and who your customer segment is.

Hint: The report should establish links between the key points you have learnt in the classroom, from academic literature, and from your own research. Particular issues that should be addressed include:

2.    Estimating Demand

  • What is a forecast and how is one developed?
  • Briefly explain one of the forecasting methods which you think is suitable for the chosen Justify your suggestion.
  • Discuss seasonal patterns, business cycles and trends, and comment on how they affect your chosen product (choose a product that experiences significant demand fluctuations)

3.    Sourcing suppliers

  • Make a basic bill of materials (BOM) for your product (approx. 4-5 items) obtaining as much real information as possible through secondary sources and making valid assumptions if actual data is not
  • Develop a supply chain diagram for your product, including basic information about 1st and 2nd tier suppliers, downstream customers (including DCs etc.), and all

4.    Information Requirement

  • What information is necessary to ensure Place, Time and Quantity Utility related to the chosen product?
  • What mechanisms might you adopt to measure the performance of your supply chain?

5.    The distribution of your product from manufacturing site to store shelf

  • Develop a map that shows distribution route(s), DC locations, and transports modes used
  • What is the estimated time for delivery?
  • Will you use your own transport fleet or contract 3PLs? Why?
  • Will you be using Private or Contract Warehouses? Why?

6.    Geopolitical risk assessment of the suggested supply chain.

PART B: Providing an effective executive summary of the overall project using INFOGRAPHICS (Produce infographics to visually communicate overall findings outlined within your report)

Purpose: Given the growing requirements of data visualisation, evidenced-based decisions and data driven decision making from the industry, mastering this skill is bound to develop your competencies in presenting critical information in a visually attractive and convincing manner, synthesising diverse range of critical information to facilitate data driven decision making and designing an overall operational dashboard for quick executive decision making.

Specific Tasks:

  • Your infographics summary needs to synthesise critical information in a dashboard type format in such a way that it facilitates any decision maker to form an informed judgement about the status quo of the problem situation, visualise key deviations and trends underpinning the problem, and to take effective decisions to address the problem at hand.
  • As an essential requirement of developing your digital competencies, you are advised to use Adobe Express, which is made freely available to you for this purpose, to design Infographics visualisation of the overall project summary.
  • When designing your infographics page, you need to present the information in such a way that it is easy for a busy senior executive to comprehend the nature of the project, critical project elements and the project benefits at a glance.

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