RIIQUA601E Establish and Maintain a Quality System

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The following task is to be demonstrated and assessed in the context of this sector’s work environment, in compliance with relevant legislation/regulation and using policies, procedures, processes and operational manuals directly related to the industry sector for which it is being assessed, and may be assessed in a simulated environment provided it is realistic and sufficiently rigorous to cover all aspects of this sector’s workplace performance, including environment, task skills, task management skills, contingency management skills and job role environment skills.

For this task you are to complete the following activity to demonstrate your ability to establish and maintain a quality system, on more than one (1) occasion, and in a range of relevant workplace circumstances.

Occasion 1:

You will be making a detailed quality management system documentation/plan for the Concrete project design you earlier completed.(RIICWD533E).

Occasion 2:

Here, you will be choosing a project between Steel Structure design (RIICWD534E) or Urban Road design (RIICWD509E) which you have already completed and prepare a detailed quality management documentation/plan for it.

While completing the detailed quality management plan on both the occasion, you need to adhere by the following guidelines to establish and maintain the framework for the quality system.

  • Access the quality system documentation, as well as relevant legislation, documentation, policies and procedures and, in consultation with relevant others, interpret and apply these to your work to ensure the work activity is compliant
  • Develop and document approved business plans that include a quality Provide a copy of the approved business plans.
  • Ensure that job descriptions and duty statements include quality system responsibilities. Provide a copy of these job descriptions and duty
  • Identify resources for the operation of the quality system, and source and provide these in a timely and consistent manner
  • Provide quality system information that is in a clear format, and in a readily accessible location for others

Complete the following actions to establish a collaborative process on each occasion:

  • Establish, and maintain, collaboration and consultation processes. Provide a copy of the documented collaboration and consultation processes.
  • Promptly and appropriately resolve any issues raisedDocument the issues raised and their resolution.
  • Verbally, and in writing, communicate the outcomes to others

On each occasion, perform the following actions to establish and maintain the procedures for identifying and assessing quality issues:

  • Using quality statistics and records, identify, and record, existing and potential

quality issues and trends

  • Establish, and document, procedures for the identification of

existing/potential quality issues

  • Monitor the changes to the workplace to determine if additions or modifications to the quality system are required. Record this monitoring, noting any additions or modifications

To design procedures for the treatment of quality issues, complete the following steps on each occasion:

  • Establish, and document, procedures to treat quality issues and trends to ensure compliance
  • Establish, and record, procedures for applying interim solutions when the measures to treat quality issues at their source are not practicable
  • Establish, and record, procedures for the ongoing treatment of the quality system
  • Monitor the quality activities throughout the organisation, identifying inadequacies and providing resources to implement appropriate quality Document this monitoring, recording the inadequacies identified and the resources implemented.
  • Establish training programs that meet the quality system training requirements, as part of the organisation's general training program. Record the training programs established.

On each occasion, perform the following actions to evaluate the organisation's quality system:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the quality system, within the goals and objectives of the existing organisational Document this evaluation.
  • Document and recommend appropriate improvements to the quality system
  • Evaluate compliance with relevant legislation and code of practice. Document this


While preparing your report, you do not need to answer these questions in a chronological order. However, you need to use these above guidelines as a reference to what additional documents your report might need and prepare it accordingly.

This is a Group Project. Individual reports are not encouraged.

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