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The following task is to be demonstrated and assessed in the context of this sector’s work environment, may be assessed in a simulated environment provided it is realistic and sufficiently rigorous to cover all aspects of this sector’s workplace performance, including environment, task skills, task management skills, contingency management skills and job role environment skills and must be assessed in compliance with relevant legislation/regulation and using policies, procedures, processes and operational manuals directly related to the industry sector for which it is being assessed, in a range of relevant workplace circumstances.

For this task you are to complete the following activity to demonstrate your ability to prepare a detailed design of civil steel structures, on more than one (1) occasion.

You need to design a Steel Structure on two different occasions based on the specifications provided by your trainer.

Occasion 1:

Design of Steel I beam for Second Moment of Area and Elastic Section Modulus:

In this scenario you will be analysing the provided Steel I beam to perform certain calculations on the beam.

Calculate the following for the provided Steel I section:

  • Centroid Location (yc)
  • Extreme Fiber (ye)
  • Second Moment of area (Ix)
  • Elastic Section Modulus (Z)

Provided formulas to calculate:

Centroid Location:

yc = å Ai * yci / å Ai

Extreme Fiber:

y= Maximum of yc or (d-yc)

Second Moment of area:

I= bh3/12 +bhy2 or Ix. = bh3/12 and Ix = Ix + Ad2 Thus,

Elastic section Modulus:

(Z) = Ix / ye

After calculating the above mentioned, please draw another I steel beam in AUTOCAD as shown above and locate the calculated centroid and extreme fiber using

DIMENSION command and denote it using TEXT command and save the file under the name Student name_Student ID.dwg and attach with this document while uploading.

Occasion 2:

Design of steel beam for Shear, bending and Bearing capacities.

A simply supported beam is constructed using a 360 UB 50.7 Section. Grade 350 Steel. The loading provided is applied on top of the flange.

Draw the Shear force and Bending Moment Diagram for the provided UDL. (No need to calculate the reaction, draw it in terms of Provided W* and l)

Design the Steel beam for shear, bending and bearing capacities.


bs = 100mm

Ze = 897 * 103

Wll= 30.5 Kn/m Section is compact.

Please note that you need to complete this design in a REPORT FORMAT

covering/answering all the questions mentioned below:

  • Access the design of civil steel structures documentation, as well as relevant legislation, documentation, policies and procedures, and interpret and apply these to ensure the work activity is compliant
  • Obtain the work requirements, including plans, drawings, specifications and design briefs, engineering survey and geotechnical information, and hydrological, meteorological, cultural and heritage data, and read, interpret, clarify and confirm these details
  • Identify, note and confirm the civil steel structures project requirements and information
  • Prepare a design plan which makes best use of the available resources

On each occasion, work effectively with others, completing the following actions to undertake a detailed design of the civil steel structures:

  • Interpret and analyse the relevant data to identify the viable options, and recommend the preferred Document the data analysis, the viable options identified and the recommendation for the preferred option.
  • Complete the detailed design, ensuring that this includes:
    1. The calculation of loads, sheer forces, bending momentsstresses, areas, volumes and mass
  1. The selection appropriate civil steel structure joint and fastening options
  • Prepare a cost estimate for the execution of the design
  • Participate, with peers and stakeholders, in the review of the design
  • Complete the required documentation
  • Identifying and using team leadership techniques, and using a range of communication techniques and equipment to convey information to others, monitor and coordinate the progress of other team members involved in the design process
  • Gain approval for the Provide a copy of the written approval.

Finalise the design processes of the civil steel structures on each occasion through completion of the following steps:

  • Ensure the filing of the design records is completed
  • Complete and submit the design cost and other reporting
  • Participate in a performance review of the design process
  • Seek client feedback, and contribute to the verification of the design.
  • Provide any client feedback, and the design
  • Close out all systems/ Prepare Contract Closure
  • Provide those applying the design with clarification and advice. Provide any written advice and clarifications required.
  • Review the application of the design, and recommend changes for continuous improvement. Document this review and recommendations.
  • Contribute to the validation of the

NOTE: While preparing your report, you do not need to answer these questions in a chronological order. However, you need to use these above questions as a reference to what additional documents your report might need and prepare it accordingly.

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