RIICWD533E Prepare Detailed Design of Civil Concrete Structures

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Please use this as a template for your project.

1. Cover-Page

Make sure you start with a proper “Cover page”. Include the project name, your name and student ID. 

2. Introduction:

  • Introduce Your Project
  • Give a brief description of your project, and both the occasions
  • Mention what resources, design guides you used (As 3600, Design Handbook?)
  • Mention what software you accessed
  • Acknowledge your classmates, trainer and

3. Table of Contents:

Include a proper table of contents with all sections addressed here.

4. Review of Work Requirements

You are tasked with designing a reinforced concrete beam for a building in compliance with AS 3600-2018.

In this section, Include the following:

·         Interpretation of Documentation

Refer to AS 3600-2018 for the design of concrete structures. This standard provides guidelines for calculating shear and bending forces.

Please include:

Legislation, Policies, and Documentation:-This must be a separate heading

  • Explanation of relevant legislation and
  • Discussion of policies, procedures, and documentation requirements for civil concrete structure

Materials, Equipment, and Techniques:-This must be a separate heading

  • Description of materials, plant, and equipment needed for designing and constructing civil concrete
  • Discussion of techniques used in evaluating site hazards, constraints, and
  • Explanation of data analysis techniques for calculating loads, shear forces, bending moments,

5. Design Plan:

Develop a design plan outlining the steps to analyze shear and bending forces, determine reinforcement, and prepare drawings using AutoCAD.

Refer the Template below but make sure you do not copy paste the exact same template.

Design Plan for Concrete Beam Shear and Bending Analysis


The objective of this design plan is to outline the step-by-step approach to analyze shear and bending forces in the concrete beam, determine appropriate reinforcement, and create detailed drawings using AutoCAD. The plan ensures that the design process aligns with the project’s resourcing and design requirements.

Design Steps:

  • Gathering Project Information:
    • Collecting architectural drawings, load specifications, and material
    • Identifying critical design requirements and project
  • Structural Analysis:
    • Analyzing the loads and forces acting on the concrete
    • Determining shear forces and bending moments along the beam’s
  • Reinforcement Design:
    • Determining the required area of steel based on calculated shear forces and bending
    • Selecting appropriate rebar sizes and spacing for optimal
  • Preparing AutoCAD Drawings:
    • Creating detailed AutoCAD drawings of the concrete beam, including cross-sections and reinforcement
    • Including dimensions, labels, and other necessary annotations.
  • Verification and Quality Check:
    • Reviewing the design calculations, drawings, and reinforcement details for
    • Ensuring compliance with relevant codes and standards
  • Documentation:
    • Compiling all design-related documents, including calculations, drawings, and reinforcement
    • Preparing a design report summarizing the analysis, design choices, and rationale.
  • Resources Required:
    • Architectural Drawings
    • Load Specifications
    • Material Properties
    • AutoCAD Software
    • Design Codes and Standards (e.g., AS 3600-2018)
  • Communication:Regular design coordination meetings will be held to ensure alignment among team members and track progress.
  • Review and Approval:This design plan will be reviewed by the authority to ensure that it meets project requirements before proceeding to the design phase.


This design plan outlines a structured approach to effectively analyze shear and bending forces, determine reinforcement, and create accurate AutoCAD drawings for the concrete beam design. It

ensures that the design process is well-coordinated, compliant with standards, and aligns with project goals.

6. Software and Technology:

  • Discussion of software and technology used in developing and presenting
  • Explanation of how software aids in calculations and
  • Illustration of how technology enhances the design

7. Data Collection and Analysis

Collecting architectural drawings, load specifications, and material properties. Analyze the load distribution along the beam span.

Refer Template Answer but make sure you don’t copy the exact same thing:

“In this phase, we gather essential data and analyze inputs to identify suitable design options for the civil concrete structures. The following documents are collected and analyzed:

  • Architectural Drawings: Plans, elevations, and sections providing structure locations and
  • Load Specifications: Information on dead loads, live loads, wind loads, and other relevant
  • Material Properties: Data on concrete and reinforcement material strengths, densities,
  • Geotechnical Data: Soil characteristics, bearing capacities, and foundation

The data interpretation and analysis involve understanding load distribution, structural considerations, material compatibility, and geotechnical influences. Based on this, preliminary design concepts are

generated, feasibility is assessed, and optimization is performed to ensure efficient and effective design options.”

8. Design Option Analysis

In this section, discuss:

Comparing various reinforcement options (rebar sizes, spacing) for the beam’s cross-section. Opt (Choose)for a design that balances strength and cost-effectiveness.

9. Detailed Design

All your calculations for the beam for shear force, bending moment, design checks will be included in this section ONLY.

Divide this section into two occasion:

Occasion 1:

·    Calculation and analysis of shear forces and bending moments for the beam.

Here, Include the following:

  •  Detailed Calculation of the provided beam for shear force and bending moment
  • Shear force and Bending moment drawings (Free-hand)
  • Same Drawing in AutoCAD-Save it as Yourname_SFDBMD.dwg
  • Same Drawing in A4-PDF format-Save it as pdf
  • Room plan in AutoCAD-Save it as Yourname_roomplan.dwg
  • Same drawing in A4-PDF format- Save it as pdf

§  Occasion 2:

·  Design of beam for Area of steel, Effective depth and final design checks.

Here, include the following

  • Detailed calculations of effective depth and Area of steel
  • Explain how 16mm bar was used initially
  • Explain how did the effective depth change from initial value to correct value
  • Explain visiting “irebar.com” and choosing correct value for the bar
  • Draw the cross section of beam in Autocad and save it as- Beam_Yourname.dwg

Please make sure you attach all the relevant drawings in this section. Or you can attach it separately but make sure you mention it here.

10.  Cost Estimation

Estimate the cost of concrete and reinforcement materials, formwork, and other associated expenses based on the design

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