Report on a Contemporary or Historical Indigenous Leader

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Write a report on a contemporary or historical Indigenous Leader of your choosing. Discuss why you've chosen this person, some of their accomplishments etc. and the leadership qualities they possess that eve made them successful. Include any other aspects of your chosen leaders’ life accomplishments  etc. that you think are important for the reader to know. What leadership archetype do you think they represent? (Ch.2). Did they strive for a leadership role or are they in leadership due to circumstance/situation.

650 words minimum, 750 max. Use appropriate formatting for document incl. citations and references.

Put your name on the document & in the filename.

**Use your own words! Citations within the body of your response are meant to reference and support your writing and any points you are making. They are NOT meant to make up the majority of the document verbatim. If you must use the direct words (in some cases), ensure that they are in quotations and referenced appropriately. The use of direct content should never exceed 20% of the overall content.

Please relate aspects of your report to the text material and ensure that you cite and reference all sources for full marks. * *remember you only need to reference once; the citations are wherever they are used within the body of your document (multiple).

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