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Transportation is an important sector in the Philippine economy, linking population and economic centers across the island. It is essential for economic growth and stability, and helps connect people and businesses across the country. The main problem with the Philippine transportation system is congestion. This leads to more problems for the system as a whole. Congestion on road networks is a situation that can occur when there is an increase in traffic, and it can slow down speeds and lengthen trip times. If this happens for a long period, it can become a traffic jam and the effect of it is called a ‘traffic crisis.’ This traffic crisis happened due to congestion on the roads, which made it difficult for people to get around on transportation vehicles. It has a negative effect on the behavior and productivity of the person and the profits of businesses. Passengers like employees and students become tired, which makes them less productive. According to Asian Development Bank (ADB), in their study conducted at year 2019, Metro Manila is the considered as the “most congested city” out of 278 cities in developing Asia. This just proves that the traffic congestion here in the Philippines is not just a simple problem that but a complex one. It is very difficult to get caught in traffic congestion, and it is even worse if there is an emergency happening. For example, there might be an ambulance stuck in the traffic. Metro Manila is experiencing an increase in the number of vehicles, while the railroads, skyways, and subway are only staying the same. We know for a fact that Metro Manila is the center of business trading, and that there are many large businesses here. In contrast, other areas in the Philippines experience much less traffic, which I think could be an important focus to solving this traffic crisis. Many people have proposed solutions to this problem, and I think if we combine them all, we will get a better result. There is no need to raise taxes to raise revenue. Any change to the tax system should be done in a way that is equitable, so that the wealthy pay more than the poor relative to their income, and that two individuals with the same income pay the same amount of taxes. This can be done by taxing goods and services consumed more by wealthier people, such as gasoline, and raising property values since they are highly correlated with wealth. Of course, these reforms need to be accompanied by measures to ensure that public funds are used properly. As taxpayers, we want to see how our hard-earned money is being spent, and see the benefits from these public goods. Transportation affects nearly all aspects of the daily lives of Filipinos, from direct effects like mobility and commute time to indirect effects like its impact on food prices. More investment in highways, skyways, subway, and bus systems, financed by a more efficient and equitable package of tax policy reforms, would be a significant step in the right direction.

This traffic crisis can only be solved by looking at the root of the problem first before coming up with any solutions. It is important to take one step at a time in order to lessen the severity of the traffic and congestion. Everyone should work together in order to benefit everyone, and this could help to solve the crisis in traffic and the country as a whole.

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