PUBH6206 Health Promotion and Community Health - Assessment 1: Report

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This assessment is aimed at developing student’s ability to evaluate and assess public health interventions by applying their knowledge of key health promotion principles and theories. The assessment will develop cognitive and critical thinking skills essential for a career in public health. Critical analysis skills are valuable tool for public health students to develop the ability to evaluate, critique and evolve the quality of public health programs and improve outcomes for the communities they are applied. Program evaluation answers questions about an intervention’s effectiveness, relevance to the target community and potential for improvement.

By prescribing this assessment, students will develop their academic writing, researching and referencing skills as well as their ability to effectively summarise information. This assessment allows students to broaden their own understanding community based public health programs through research and application of critical analysis skills.

Task summary

In this assessment you are required to review an existing community-based health promotion program provided by your Learning Facilitator. Students are required to using critical thinking skills develop a report demonstrating your ability to apply theory into practice. Your report should be 1500 words (+/- 10%) in length. Use at least 10 of good quality, credible and relevant research sources to support and develop ideas.

The health promotion program and the assessment template will be provided separately. Instructions

  1. Critically explain the target group of the given program in the following topics based on the

given program context. Explain the importance and significance of this health promotion program in the target population. Use credible evidence to support your point of view.

  1. Use the assessment 1 template to develop your report
  2. Describe aims, level of disease prevention and conceptual framework (Upstream/midstream/downstream) of the given program
  3. Identify and explain the health promotion principles, theoretical frameworks (i.e., upstream/midstream/downstream) and strategies that have been applied to the given community-based health promotion program. Please choose the relevant health promotion strategies on the list below:
    • Advocacy for health
    • Enable
    • Mediation
  4. Critically evaluate the appropriateness of the health promotion activities/interventions that have been incorporated into the given community-based health promotion program such as lifestyle change program, health education session, screening test
  5. Provide at least 10 references to support your assignment and using APA 7th edition referencing style

It is compulsory to use the assessment template of assessment 1

Format parameters

  • Use the given template for assessment 2
  • Include a title page that states:
    • The assessment title;
    • Your first and last name;
    • Your student identification number;
    • Word count (excluding the reference list);
    • The subject name;
    • Your lecturer/learning facilitator; and
    • An academic integrity declaration
  • In relation to formatting, ensure that your paper uses:
    • APA 7th version referencing style; Page numbers;
    • 5 spacing;
    • Font style: Arial, Tahoma
    • A font size of 11-points minimum
  • DO NOT include running head, table of content, executive summary/abstract

Figures and tables

All figures and tables added in your assignment should be relevant and be discussed in the text body. Any figures and tables derived from other works must be presented with citation using APA 7th style

Submission Instructions

Submit this task via the Assessment task 1 link in the Assessment area in PUBH6206: Health Promotion and Community Health. The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback via theGrade Centre in the LMS portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.

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