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1. Introduction  

Here you may like to briefly describe your full project appraisal report. This section should not exceed one paragraph (conduct a project appraisal of economic and non-economic factors and write a formal report with justified recommendations).

The following are examples only. You may use these as a guide, or you may wish to complete your economic appraisal report using different headings. However, you must NOT change the font style and size.

1.1 Economic Appraisal

This section is the same as Assignment 1.2: Economic appraisal, including:

  • Position description
  • Scenario brief

Uses your reflective thoughts from the economic appraisal to modify this aspect of the report.


  • Economic appraisal: The economic appraisal component of this assignment is carried over from your Assessment 1.2: Economic appraisal, but you will need to use the feedback you received from your marker to ensure the economic brief is as correct as possible.
  • Please highlight changes from your submission in assessment 1.2 (if any).

1.2 Non-economic Appraisal

You must use the non-economic briefs (new to Assignment 2), including:

  • Environmental impact statement executive summary
  • Facebook page (Social analysis)
  • Newspaper clipping (Social analysis)

In this section, all four non-economic appraisal techniques should be fully developed with examples for each technique, including:

  • Strategic aspects
  • Technical aspects
  • Environmental aspects
  • Social aspects

Weeks 6, 7 and 8 explain all four non-economic appraisal techniques.

You must use stakeholder (landholders, local communities, traditional owners, the government, etc.) criteria to provide sound rationales for how you have addressed each of the four non-economic techniques. The non-economic appraisal techniques analyse information must be derived from ALL briefing documents.

2. Conclusion and Recommendations

Here you would summarise your formal report with justified recommendations. You discuss which connects and integrates economic and the four non-economic techniques. You will provide a thorough analysis appraisal that justifies strengths and describes potential gaps/ risks or aspects that warrant further attention. You also provide valuable recommendations that are plausible.

Note: The outputs from economic and non-economic calculations should help you to provide a definitive and clear interpretation.

3. Word count (excluding Appendix 1)

2000 words plus two images

Notes: 2 carefully considered images or graphs (each image/ graph is half a page) that help clarify your report must be provided.


Refer to the Harvard referencing guide on the Universities library page if you are unsure of how to complete this.

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