PROJ6004 Contracts and Procurement

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Assessment Task

Critically reflect on the assigned case study available from either the Subject Learning Resources tab on the course homepage, or will be sent to you by the LF as an announcement. Read the Module 1-4 learning resources. Individually write a 2400-word report which summarises the important procurement context of the case study. Your report must also identify the procurement complexities of the case study, proposing mitigations and possible learnings.

Please refer to the instructions for details on how to complete this task.


Procurement and contracts are integral to successful project management. While no two project environments are exactly alike, particularly in their approaches to procurement, learning from case studies can help develop benchmarking practices and apply lessons learned.

Procurements , acquisitions, requests for proposal, vendor selection, contract administration, and contract closure are integral parts of the process. Learning from case studies and benchmarking against better practices, standards and excellence is vital to understand complexity of issues and successful strategies for procurement and contract

management. It will also ensure improved responsiveness to key issues, promote supplier client relationships through proactive management of risks and ultimately deliver higher levels of focus on performance-based outcomes.

Assessment 2 is an individual report which will provide you the opportunity to apply insights formed from your review of the assigned case study, combining with insights formed during your interaction with fellow students after engagement in the discussion board forum for Assessment 1.

These insights encourage a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by the project team in managing large, or complex projects, particularly when adopting procurement methodologies that involve private- public sector finance to deliver complex projects. This is an increasingly common method of stakeholder involvement where global financial and procurement capability to innovatively build public infrastructure and facilities meets the needs of the growing population. You are also encouraged to understand and explore any related organisational issues, stakeholders and the funding and finance aspects associated with the project.

Assessment 2 is about uncovering complexities in procurement and contract contexts generally, identifying key issues, looking at leadership, governance and key themes that will allow improved focus, and learning. You are also encouraged to understand and explore the related organisational issues, stakeholders and the funding and finance aspects associated with projects.


Assessment 2 Individual Report (overall 2,400 Words, +/- 10%) is designed around analysing the procurement in the case study project. This assessment comprises of three parts:

  • Part A: Introduce and summarise the procurement context and scope (life cycle journey of the case study project). Identify the project procurement components and tender evaluation that may have been used in the case study (according to your knowledge from the theory you have studied).
  • Part B: Describe the complexities (and key issues/risks), discuss the project environment and organisation aspects, leadership and governance and how these have influenced
  • Part C: Identify or suggest key mitigations and possible learnings. Explain how those learnings may require changes to roles and responsibilities of key project resources, changes to procurement briefs or scope

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