PROJ6004 Contracts and Procurement - Assessment 3

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Assessment Task

Critically reflect on the assigned case study available from either the Subject Learning Resources tab on the course homepage, or will be sent to you by the LF as an announcement. Review all subject learning resources. Engage with your assigned group (two or at the most three members) to write a 1500-word report which focuses on actions for general procurement best practices, performance- based procurement contracts, and contract management characterised by effective supplier and client relationships to deliver certainty of outcomes and improved value for all stakeholders.

Please refer to the Task Instructions for details on how to complete this task.


Assessment 3 is about identifying best project procurement practice and exploring the benefits of performance-based contracting in order to develop performance criteria, monitoring processes, with associated contract terms and processes that will ultimately achieve a strong focus on project procurement outcomes and behaviours. It builds on Assessment 1 and 2 by using the ideas and factors raised to identify key issues that can be consolidated by the groups to achieve focused actions for best practice and performance- based procurement contracts.

Assessment 3 also builds on contract management by improved understanding of supplier and client relationships to deliver certainty of outcomes and improved value for all stakeholders.

Note: Groups of approximately 2 - 3 students will be assigned by the Learning Facilitator early, during Module 1 or 2, so that students can get to know each other within the group well before starting the group project. Group size is proposed to ensure diversity, interaction and opportunity for students to grow and lead teams.


Assessment 3 will be undertaken progressively through Modules 5 and 6 and will involve a Group Report and Group PowerPoint Presentation.

Based on your research of best procurement practice and the performance-based contracting models considering how these have been applied on other complex projects, critique how this methodology could be applied to the assigned case study example.

Students will also discuss and demonstrate key performance criteria, performance monitoring, contract terms that drive performance outcomes, associated contract administration, contract management and the contractor’s role in management of project constraints. To do this:

  1. As a team, develop a 1500-word report, addressing the following:
    1. A summary of the roles and responsibilities of the project manager and procurement manager in the assigned case study, including supplier development, as part of completion efforts, or throughout the project life cycle (as appropriate)
    2. The complexity of the project and the challenges faced in terms of contracts and procurement management over the full life cycle of the project
    3. Significant issues or controversial aspects that relate to project stakeholders and/or result in significant risks to the contracting parties
    4. Leadership challenges associated with project execution, and importance of producing deliverables according to schedules and established milestones to meet the needs of the key stakeholders
    5. Possible actions and how implementing those action will improve sustainable outcomes for the broader community, the environment and key stakeholders. Students should include specific learnings from Module 5 and 6, such as performance drivers, performance outcomes, relationships, completions effort and lessons learnt.
  2. A 10-20-minute Power Point presentation that presents a group reflection summary of the key subject learnings and how they apply to the assigned case study.

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