PROJ6002 Project Planning and Budgeting

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Assessment Task

Critically analyse the Assessment 1 question as outlined in the Case Study provided by the Learning Facilitator by end of Module 1. Then, respond to the question with a 500-word discussion forum post and a 250-word critique of another student’s initial post.

Please refer to the Instructions for details on how to complete this task.


Project Scope Management involves processes to ensure that the project incorporates all work required to complete it successfully. Managing project scope involves defining and controlling what is included in the project.

One of the keys to project success is effective scope management. Uncertainty about a stakeholder’s needs or problems leads to a misleading definition (scope of work). Rework and extra effort may impact project costs and timelines.

Documenting how the project will demonstrate compliance with quality requirements and standards is the process of project quality management planning. This process helps to manage and validate quality throughout the project.

For a project to be successful, the performing organisation must define and implement quality policies, objectives, and responsibilities.


  1. The Case Study will be posted in the Assessments section in Blackboard by the end of Module 1 by your Learning
  2. Critically analyse the Assessment 1 question outlined in the Case Study and conduct research related to the topics outlined in the
  3. Write a 500-word initial post analysing the question and key issues. Cite all sources used to inform your post, including learning resources and academic or industry The reference list is not included in the word count.
  4. Read another student’s post. Consider their post and compare it with the research you have This approach will allow you to “critique” their view. You can do this by highlighting your agreement and/or disagreement with their post. You must justify and explain your critique. You will need to cite industry and academic literature. Your answer must be 250 words. The reference list is not included in the word count.


It is essential that you use the most recent edition of APA style for citing and referencing research. Please see more information on referencing in the Academic Skills webpage.

Submission Instructions

Post your answer in the Assessment 1 Discussion Forum, which can be accessed via the Assessment 1 link to in the main navigation menu in PROJ6002 – Project Planning and Budgeting. Do not upload a Word document.

Post your response to at least one students’ work by using the “Reply” button under their initial post.

Submit your answers in an academic style, including both in-text citations and a full reference list using the correct APA style of referencing.

Your assessment will be formally graded via the Grade Centre by your Learning Facilitator and feedback will be provided through My Grades.

Academic Integrity

All students are responsible for ensuring that all work submitted is their own and is appropriately referenced and academically written according to the Academic Writing Guide. Students also need to have read and be aware of Torrens University Australia Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure and subsequent penalties for academic misconduct.  These are viewable online.

Students also must keep a copy of all submitted material and any assessment drafts.

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