PROJ6002 - Assessment 3: Cost and Schedule Management Written Activity

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Assessment Task

In this assessment you will complete an individually written activity, in the form of a 1000- word memo that addresses the Assessment 3 scenario question outlined in the Case Study given to you by the Learning Facilitator.

Please refer to the Instructions for details on how to complete this task.


Project Schedule and cost management are two interconnected aspects of project management. Along with scope, they form the triple constraint and a common traditional measure of project success, as ‘on time, on budget, and to specification’.

Project Schedule Management includes all processes involved in planning, estimating, sequencing, managing, and controlling the project schedule. Project Cost Management includes planning, estimating, budgeting, funding, managing, and controlling costs to ensure the project is completed within budget.


  1. Download the Case Study and the Memo template from the Assessments section in Blackboard, provided by your Learning
  2. Analyse the provided case study, paying particular attention to project schedule and cost
  3. Write a 1000-word memo to the Project Sponsor (your Learning Facilitator) using the provided template, in response to the Assessment 3 question. In your memo, outline the following:
    • Your individual recommendations for managing the Your recommendations should leverage the scope management plan and scope statement you submitted in Assessment 2.
    • How you would apply project time schedule and cost management tools and techniques to respond to the scenario described in the question in the assigned case study.
  4. You should use academic sources to support your analysis, including learning resources and academic or industry All sources should be cited using correct APA Referencing. The reference list is not included in the word count.

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