Please produce an infographic about the musculoskeletal disorders that might be experienced by workers in ONE of the following workplaces and how these might be prevented or controlled.

Assessment details


An infographic is a visual representation of information, data or knowledge, presented as charts or diagrams, using minimal words.


An infographic should ideally be:

  • visually engaging, focusing on images rather than text;
  • focused on a single topic or issue;
  • conveying data in a visual form;
  • including minimal written information.
  • allowing viewers to see patterns or trends.

The Assignment:

You are required to produce an infographic about prevention and control of musculoskeletal disorders that you could use as a poster in the workplace.

This infographic and assessment primarily relate to assessment and control of musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace


You are the WHS officer at a medium sized organisation of one of the following four types of workplaces. The workload in all these organisations increased significantly over the COVID-19 pandemic and these organisations have experienced ongoing staff shortages. Workers' compensation claims for musculoskeletal disorders or injuries have increased over the past 12 months. The management have asked you to provide material explaining musculoskeletal pain and/or musculoskeletal disorders and how these can be prevented and managed. After some discussion, you decide that posters that can be put up in the workplace, as well as being given out to new and existing employees, would be helpful.

The Task

Please produce an infographic about the musculoskeletal disorders that might be experienced by workers in ONE of the following workplaces and how these might be prevented or controlled. Please select ONE of the following:

Option 1: a call centre

The organisation operates a busy call centre for a range of government and private agencies and employs staff in centres across Australia.

Option 2: the control room of a chemical plant

The organisation operates a chemical plant that is involves delivering materials to processing areas and operating machines to heat, cool and agitate chemical solutions, and filling and fastening covers on containers.

Option 3: a warehouse and storage facility

The organisation operates a warehouse and storage facility with most workers employed 'on the floor' in storage, packing and distribution of goods.

Option 4: aged care facility

The organisation operates several residential and aged care facilities with around 90 residents in each.

Specific Requirements:

These include:

  • Accurate portrayal of the relevant workplaces.
  • No videos - it is to be presented as a poster.
  • It must be original work - plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  • No use of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). You must not use generative artificial intelligence (AI) to generate any materials or content in relation to the assessment task.
  • All work that includes the intellectual property (authored material) of others (including books, journal articles, magazines, news articles, images, tables, websites, social media, etc.) must be given appropriate attribution.
  • You must cite all of your sources using the Vancouver 2022 referencing style.
  • You may list your references on a separate page.

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