PHC208 Primary Health Care in the Community

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Assessment Task

The task for this assessment involves developing a power point presentation with voice recording. The presentation is a health promotion/ education session tailored to meet the needs of your chosen case study from Assessment 2.


Nurses play an important role in promotion of public health. Traditionally the focus of health promotion by nurses has been on disease prevention and changing the behaviour of individuals with respect to their health. However, the role of a nurse as a promoter of health is complex since they have multidisciplinary knowledge and experience of health promotion in their nursing practice.

This presentation will assist the student to use effective communication skills and cultural intelligence, in applying principles from their nursing practice to aid the health of individuals and cultural groups. It will also provoke exploration into the differences between, and considerations that need to take place, when conducting activities targeted at various population and cultural groups (within the context of Australia’s multicultural society).

This assessment will advance student’s evidence review, oral presentation, public speaking skills and effective communication among peers which are transferrable to community presentations or training and education workshops.

This assessment will also assist the student to ensure they function within legal and ethical frameworks and the scope of practice of a nurse, in this case specifically the role of a primary healthcare or community nurse.


Building on the report submitted for Assessment 2, you will design a very short presentation suitable for an education event (either an individual or a group education session) specific to the target population group, common chronic condition/ health issue/s explored in Assessment 2, and as originally provided in the case scenario videos.

  • You are a Community Health Nurse conducting the health promotion/ education presentation to your case study character or a related target population group. E.g., group of young adults with
  • The presentation will be delivered as a 5-7-minute digital power point presentation, uploaded for Keep within this time.
  • Your presentation must be in a power point format with a voice recording for each Saved in power point format for uploading into Blackboard (refer to the link below).

Presentation content

The presentation needs to follow a logical progression of information and ideas:

  • Introduction: Introduce yourself, your presentation topic and state very briefly what your presentation will cover (key issues you will address in the presentation body).
  • Key issues: Provide a very brief outline of the key issues you have identified through an investigation into impacts of common chronic conditions (or health issue/s) on the individual/s wellbeing. This will include a brief overview of the condition and key advice on avoiding or reducing risk
  • Community nursing practice: Consider how any recommendations would relate to, or consider, the lived experience of the population group. Include the socioeconomic status, social behaviours, health literacy level and culture specific to your character (if an individual session) or to your target
  • Brief conclusion: briefly conclude the presentation, summing up your key points for your
  • References: include your in-text references in the slides and your reference list either on the last slide or as a separate page uploaded at the same time as your presentation. (See submission instructions below).
  • Further reading/resources: You should also provide a list of relevant web links and other online sources where the individual/s can go for further This would be on the last slide of your PPT presentation, otherwise you may also choose to display relevant posters, pamphlets etc. These need to be culturally relevant. You may also consider who best to connect the individual/s with to meet their ongoing needs.

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