PHC208 Primary Health Care in the Community - Case Scenario Response

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Assessment Task

The task for this assessment involves viewing the video podcast with Noelene Gration and responding to four (4) questions. This includes identifying issues presented and their impact on a priority population, reflecting on the Primary Health Care approach and providing your reflection on your beliefs and attitudes.


This assessment introduces the concepts of primary healthcare and community nursing from a personal viewpoint.

As a student, you are asked to reflect on attitudes, beliefs and values; and relate these to ethics and professional behaviour as a future health professional. It will provide an opportunity for you to explore issues of access, equity and social justice as they relate to health behaviour and health care access for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) community.

Health professionals need to develop their capacity for empathy and understanding of the lived experience of vulnerable population groups as well as pathways for treatment and possible barriers to accessing these.


  • A digital interview will be made available for this assessment. Interviews use real people and their stories.
  • You will be required to view the interview.
  • Take note of how you feel and any thoughts or questions that come to mind when watching the interview.
  • You will be required to respond to the interview topic by writing your opinion in a response to the case scenario.

When writing your discussion response, you need to:

  1. Outline what you think were the main issues raised in the interview?
  2. Consider how these issues have affected people from the LGBTIQ community and their willingness to engage in health and health care

Consider Noelene Gration’s interview and the following definition of Primary Health care and address the 2 questions that follow.

Primary health care acknowledges a social view of health and promotes the concept of self- reliance to individuals and communities in exercising control over conditions that determine their health. (WHO, 2022)

  1. Explain how you would apply the principles of Primary health care when caring for the LGBTIQ community in your future role as a nurse.
  2. Share whether viewing this interview changed, broadened or challenged your beliefs and Explain.


A cover page must be included which includes; subject name and code, assessment number, student name, student number and word count

Present your assessment in 12-point font, Arial or Times New Roman, 1.5 line spaced and a minimum of 2.5cm margins.

Page numbers should be included in the footer along with student ID number.

Dot points should not be used in this assessment. Responses must be made in full sentences using academic writing conventions including the use of paragraphs.


As this reflection asks for your opinion you can write in the first person.

This is an academic reflection; therefore, you must use appropriate language, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

When presenting your views, you are required to support these with relevant experience (if applicable) and use published literature as supporting evidence (which may include citing journal articles, relevant website links, news article, magazines or text from related books).

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