Perspectives in Criminology - Annotated bibliography

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Perspectives in Criminology - Annotated bibliography (based on 6 journal articles)

Weight: 50%

Format: One introductory paragraph followed by six references listed. Beneath each reference,

include a summary and evaluation of each source.

Length: 1,500 words

Curriculum Mode: Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is a list of sources used for researching a topic, presented alphabetically and by author surname. An annotated bibliography includes a brief summary and evaluation of these sources. Your annotated bibliography and your final essay will use the question bellow:

Question: ‘Genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, torture and ’grand corruption’ are all associated with state crimes.’ Discuss and define one to three of these elements, including the dangers of each one.

You must first write a 300-word introductory paragraph that briefly explains the scope of your investigation, and a rationale for your selection of sources (i.e. how and why these sources are useful for answering your question). This paragraph will also provide markers with an opportunity to assess how well you understand the topic, and provide comments, or other recommendations to aid your comprehension if needed.

Next, you must locate SIX sources that you intend to use in your final essay, and base your annotated bibliography on these six sources. Please choose sources/references for your annotated bibliography that you find interesting and that relate to your research question. Only two of these sources may come from the subject content. Each annotation should be approximately 200 words each. Make sure that before you begin your annotation, you provide the citation of the source as it would appear in the reference list of your essay (using WSU Harvard or APA referencing). When writing the annotation, make sure you summarise and evaluate each source. You do not require an independent reference list at the end of the annotated bibliography. These six sources must be used in the final essay.

NOTE: An annotated bibliography is not a mini-essay. It requires you to deconstruct six of the sources that will be used in your final essay. The essay will be guided by a discussion, and will feature more than the six references used here.

References are not included as part of the word count. There is 10% leeway included in the word count (so, 150 words less than, or more than, the word count is acceptable).

It is expected that students will use the six sources/references used in their annotated bibliographies, in their essay. So, please choose carefully.

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