PCC302 Palliative Care and Life Limiting Illnesses - Assessment 2: Narrative Digital Story

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Task Summary

This task requires you to develop and narrate a digital story on a self-care strategy that you have trialled or implemented during your time as a student. This could be a strategy that was explored in BAN101 or SCP103, or one that you have subsequently discovered. This is an individual project and your target audience is your learning facilitator.

Please refer to the Task Instructions for details on how to complete this task.


Developing a portfolio of self-care strategies is important as a nurse to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue. On a daily basis nurses care for our patients and their families, work in different health care settings and with a number of health care professionals. This means we often deal with illness, death, stress, large workloads and busy workplace environments on a professional basis every day.

This digital story assessment provides you with an opportunity to present one strategy that you have utilised over the course of your studies and may continue to utilise as you move into clinical practice, to help you care for yourself. This assessment involves developing a digital piece of work that may help you in the future to present to peers, colleagues or patients in a vibrant and succinct format.


1.       Choose one strategy that you have utilised to care for yourself.

This self-care strategy will be different for each person, as we choose strategies that are meaningful to us as individuals. Examples of self-care activities include but are not limited to:

  • music
  • a hobby such as photography or bush walking, reading
  • volunteering at a charity
  • yoga or meditation
  • dietary changes
  • regular meaningful time spent with friends or your support network

Ideally, the adopted strategy is one where you have maintained a diary of events either by photographs, mementos or diary entries, a poem. It needs to a strategy that will positively affect both your physical and mental health.

2.       Prepare one digital item, an audio or video file as your final digital story.

You can choose from a variety of digital mediums to share your digital story, such a series of photographs, a poem or a song, series of journal entries, a recorded role-play, a podcast or an interview. The focus of your digital story will be sharing about your self-care strategy, how it was implemented and/or experienced. The story will also share what the outcomes of the self-care strategy you implemented either were or are expected to be.

3.       Strategy for developing this content may include:

  • Design your piece of work (select a topic and brainstorm ideas).
  • Develop your piece of work (produce the story, organise your items, include music).
  • Review – edit or reorder, enhance any material or correct any technical
  • Complete the project include audio or written narration as outlined in a digital story instruction guide found in the assessment 2 area of your subject.

4.       Provide an audio/text or visual narration to your story that discusses in 5 minutes,

  • How you came to discover this particular
  • Why is it important to develop self-care strategies if working in a palliative care context?
  • Provide some detail to the strategy used e. if it is reading what type of books, if it is music what type of music, walking is it the beach or beside a river.
  • What are the benefits to you in using this strategy to care for yourself, e. how does it make you feel, does it reduce anxiety, help you sleep better, give you time to reflect on your practice?

Most importantly use this as an opportunity to be creative and tell your story.

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