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Write a submission to ONE of the inquiries listed below. The inquiry topic MUST be the same as used in Assessment 2: Case Study unless you have negotiated a change of with your tutor. As per Assessment 2: Case Study, your submission MUST respond to AT LEAST ONE of the "terms of reference" listed in the inquiry. To review the "terms of reference" refer to the folder at the bottom of the page.

Us this topic - Parliamentary Inquiry into Sexual assault and Justice

Terms of Reference (Pick at least one):

  1. Actual or perceived barriers which contribute to the low reporting of sexual offences, and the high attrition throughout the formal legal process of those who do report, including:
    • Reasons why victim survivors of sexual offences may choose not to report the event to Police, or pursue a formal complaint;
    • Reasons why complaints that are reported do not progress to charges;
    • Reasons why charges do not proceed to trial; and
    • Reasons why convictions may be difficult to achieve.
  2. The efficacy of conventional or innovative responses to sexual violence
  3. How to reduce the trauma of people who have experienced sexual violence, when they engage with the justice system
  4. Options for primary prevention and evidence of efficacy.

case study for this topic might be a media or legal report of a person who has been sexually assaulted and tried to engage the justice system.


Your submission should be structured as follows:

  1. Introduction

The introduction should include:

  • Begin with a short introduction about yourself and your interest in the topic (optional);
  • Provide an overview of the issue will address;
  • Identify the "terms of reference" you will respond to;
  • Outline the main arguments you will adopt;
  • Identify your recommendation.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

  1. Background:

This section must provide the appropriate context that will guide your analysis of the terms of reference. The background section should explain the broad issue and relevant social

In this section, you must:

  • Define the issue
  • Provide statistics and explain trends.
  • Identify the impacts of the problem
  • * You may choose to Integrate the case study from Assessment 2 (*DO NOT just copy and past your Case study into the research section, this IS NOT what is required here. Rather you should use a abridged version of the case study to make a strategic and analytical demonstration of an issue).
  1. Research Analysis

Theory and evidence relevant to the inquiry/terms of reference.Your arguments should be based on responding directly to at least one of the "terms of reference" (you can address more than one). This section should contain the relevant research and analysis that informs your position on the issues raised in the "terms of reference". This should include engagement with the set readings from the course, the suggested readings from the assessment folder, and your own independent research. This should not simply be a listing of research on the topic. You must present relevant research and analyse the significance of that evidence. This means you need to explain what the research means in connection to your argument about the "term of reference" and its connection to your theoretical position on the issue.

This section should:

    • Respond to at at least ONE of the "terms of reference"
    • Extract research evidence from a range of sources
    • Analyse the issue using theory and concepts from the course
  1. Conclusion/Recommendation

This section should:

  • Conclude your thoughts after analysing all the evidence
  • Provides a realistic recommendation that responds to the specific "terms of reference" and issues that you addressed
  • Support your recommendation with evidence

What is a submission to a parliamentary inquiry?

When there is an issue of public concern, a parliamentary committee can be formed to inquire into the topic. Such inquiries usually result in a report to the Parliament.

As part of an inquiry, a committee seeks the views of those who may have an interest in the topic of the inquiry. A committee may do this in a number of ways such as through public hearings, including in the form of roundtables, workshops and community statement sessions. But most commonly, a committee asks for written submissions addressing the terms of reference and then proceeds to public hearings.

Most inquiries have terms of reference, which set out the matters to be considered by the committee. The terms of reference will be available on the committee’s website.

Who Can make a submission to an Inquiry?

Any member of the general public or organisation can make a submission. Researchers, practitioners, and organisations often make submissions to inquiries that relate to their field.

Why make a submission?

Public submissions helps inform parliamentary inquiries understand what individuals, the community, and people in the field think about an issue. Submissions may also help the committee
when making its recommendations to Government. In a real parliamentary inquiry, your submission may be quoted or referred to in the final parliamentary report. Most submissions are made
public and published on the webpage advertising the inquiry. In this case though, only your markers will see your drafted submission.

Writing a submission

The Parliament of Australia offers the following advice on writing submissions to committee inquiries:

The best submissions:

  • clearly address some or all of the terms of reference—you do not need to address each one
  • are relevant and highlight your own perspective
  • are concise, generally no longer than four to five pages
  • begin with a short introduction about yourself or the organisation you represent
  • emphasise the key points so that they are clear
  • outline not only what the issues are but how problems can be addressed, as the committee looks to submissions for ideas to make recommendations
  • only include documents that directly relate to your key points
  • only include information you would be happy to see published on the internet.

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