Nursing7206 Clinical Nursing Practice III

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This Assessment aims to develop your ability to communicate your knowledge of evidence-based nursing practice. As a registered nurse it will be important for you to base your practice on the most up to date research and best practice guidelines. You will also need to be able to communicate your rationale and promote when working to ensure safety for your patients.

Whilst on your clinical placement, choose 3 clinical skills which you participated in and evaluate how they were completed.

**Ensure to maintain confidentiality throughout the assignment**

Your assignment should include an:

  1. Introduction (200 words):
  • Provide a concise and relevant introduction of the chosen clinical skills for
  • Introduce the 3 clinical skills and identify the importance of evaluating in terms of your practice as a current student registered nurse who will soon be a registered
  • Background provided to give context to the relevance of the discussions in the

2.       Body (1600 words):

For each clinical skill:

  • Review the current evidence/literature and discuss current best practice
  • Outline and compare the best practice guidelines to how the skill was performed in
  • Identify any gaps between the observed skill and your review of the evidence/literature.
  • Conclude with a summary of the recommendations for clinical practice for each clinical

3.       Conclusion (200 words):

Finish with a conclusion, summarising your discussions and key points for the reader to take away.

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