NURS9542 Counselling in Mental Health Nursing Practice - Assignment 2: Reflective Paper

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Reflective practice skills are required of mental health professionals to improve and develop their therapeutic use of self. Self-assessment and ongoing learning are integral requirements of professional accountability. This responsibility extends to our peers and colleagues to assist in review and evaluation of their practice. It is important that this is achieved in an open and constructive process that achieves personal growth, provides support not criticism, and encourages inquiry and new learning.

Using a reflective model of your own choosing, (do not use the Smyth model from NURS 8761), write about an an event that occurred during your clinical practice and develop your thoughts using both theoretical understandings and personal reflections. This means that you might choose to write, at times, from the First Person. You must focus on a therapeutic intervention (individual or group work) that you have personally been involved in while in a clinical area and self reflect on your skills, behaviour and thought processes. The priority is that you reflect on YOUR skills, thoughts, and knowledge. As with all evidence-based practitioners, you are required to integrate current literature to explore your understandings and to clarify how this experience has further informed your understanding of your role as a mental health nurse. Please use the marking rubric to guide you in the development of the reflective paper.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : If you do not hit the submit button (and remains in draft format) your assignment may not be marked or incur a late penalty. 

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