NURS7066 Acute Exacerbations of Chronic Conditions

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Word count/duration:

There is a word limit of 1000 words. Use your computer to total the number of words used in your assignment. However, do not include the reference list at the end of your assignment in the word count. In-text citations will be included in the additional 10%-word count. If you exceed the word limit by more than 10% the marker will stop marking at 1000 words plus 10%.


The aim of this short answer assessment has been developed to encourage students to think critically and develop evidence based theoretical knowledge specifically related to a case study on an acute exacerbation of a chronic condition.


Review the case study located in the vUWS Short Answer assessment folder. You are required to read the following questions very carefully:

  1. Explain the underlying pathophysiology related to the clinical manifestations of lschaemic Stroke.
  2. Discuss the importance of reperfusion in the management of a patient presenting with an lschaemic Stroke.
  3. Identify evidence-based strategies when caring for a patient presenting with lschaemic Stroke.
  4. Justify and prioritise the nursing care related to the case study.
  5. Promote shared decision-making processes collaborating with family and the health care team.


  • Search the evidence-based literature and read widely to expand your knowledge base.
  • Think critically about your answers!
  • Complete the answers to the questions in a Word document.
  • List each question and then your answer.
  • You will upload your completed Word document containing your answers to the Short Answer assessment Turnitin link available in vUWS.


All assignments are to be typed. Typing must be according to the following format: 3 cm left and right margins. double spaced. Font: Arial or Times New Roman Font size: 12pt.

See further submission requirements below

Submission Requirements:

  1. Electronic copy Students are to submit an electronic copy of the assessment. Students are not required to submit the original hard copy of their assessment on campus
  2. Submit your assessment electronically through the Turnitin link on the Subject vUWS site.
  3. Students are to upload the assessment with the following title; Surname_Firstname_assessment title
  4. Your assessment must be submitted in .doc, docx format.
  5. This assessment is marked online; no paper copy will be acceiyted. Marks, comments and the marking criteria will be released online.

If you do not receive your marked assessment when all others have been returned, it is your responsibility to contact the Subject Coordinator for assistance.


In this assessment task, you will not be able to meet the learning outcomes related to the development of writing skills and text analysis by using generative artificial intelligence (Al) tools. Working with another person or technology in order to gain an unfair advantage in assessment or improperly obtaining answers from a third party including generative Al to questions in an examination or other form of assessment may lead to sanctions under the Student Misconduct Rule. Use of generative Al tools may be detected. More information is available on the Library web page.

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